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What Every Parent Should Know About Transgender Issues: A Guide Inspired by "I Promised Not to Tell"

# I Promised Not To Tell: Raising A Transgender Child ## Introduction - What does it mean to be transgender? - How common is it for children to identify as transgender? - What are some of the challenges and joys of raising a transgender child? - What is the main message of the book "I Promised Not To Tell: Raising A Transgender Child" by Cheryl B. Evans? ## Summary of the Book - Who is the author and what is her background? - What is the story of her son Jordan, who transitioned from female to male at age 15? - How did the author and her family cope with Jordan's gender dysphoria, social transition, medical transition, and legal transition? - What are some of the key lessons and insights that the author shares from her journey? ## Benefits of Reading the Book - How can the book help parents who have a transgender child or suspect their child might be transgender? - How can the book educate and inspire allies and advocates of transgender people? - How can the book raise awareness and compassion for the transgender community? ## Reviews and Testimonials - What are some of the positive feedback and ratings that the book has received from readers and critics? - What are some of the quotes and endorsements that the book has received from experts and celebrities? ## Conclusion - Why is the book "I Promised Not To Tell: Raising A Transgender Child" a valuable and timely resource for anyone who wants to learn more about transgender issues? - Where can readers find more information and support on raising a transgender child? - How can readers get a copy of the book or download it as an e-book or audiobook? ## FAQs - Q: How can I support my child if they come out as transgender or express gender nonconformity? - A: The most important thing you can do is to love your child unconditionally and respect their identity. You can also educate yourself about transgender topics, find a supportive therapist or counselor, join a parent support group, and advocate for your child's rights and safety. - Q: How can I help my child deal with bullying, discrimination, or harassment because of their gender identity? - A: You can help your child by creating a safe and affirming environment at home, school, and community. You can also teach your child coping skills, self-care strategies, and self-esteem boosters. You can also report any incidents of bullying, discrimination, or harassment to the appropriate authorities and seek legal advice if needed. - Q: How can I know if my child needs medical intervention for their gender dysphoria, such as puberty blockers, hormones, or surgery? - A: The best way to know is to consult with a qualified gender therapist or pediatrician who specializes in transgender health care. They can assess your child's needs, explain the benefits and risks of different options, and guide you through the process. - Q: How can I talk to my family, friends, or co-workers about my child's gender identity? - A: The first thing you need to do is to get your child's consent and respect their privacy. You can then choose who to tell, when to tell, and how much to tell based on your child's wishes and your own comfort level. You can also prepare yourself for different reactions and responses, and have some resources ready to share. - Q: Where can I find more books, websites, podcasts, or videos about raising a transgender child or transgender issues in general? - A: There are many resources available online and offline for parents, allies, and educators who want to learn more about transgender topics. Some examples are: - PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays): - Gender Spectrum: - GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation): - The Trevor Project: - Transgender Teen Survival Guide:

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