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4/20/2022 - Fauci GITMOED! Mortgage rates at 6.875%! Durham update! God is Winning!


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04/20/2022 comments below article


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Grant Wilson
Grant Wilson
Apr 21, 2022

Real Raw News is a White-Hat service. No on can prove this outright but as Q /Juan/ VP Kennedy said many times - "think logically". They are quoting real US Military Officers - I would not like to be caught making up quotes and crediting them to Military Officers - not a wise move.


I received the large image from Big Geek Daddy as a 'Photo of the Day'. Hoping to find a location, I conducted a Google Image Search. I have never had a result from that search in quite this fashion. I added the quote at bottom left.


Hello, you lovely surfers, you!

(You know who you are!)

I was wandering around just looking to see what flips up its flag (That's how I do my best research), when I ran across this:

It's not the entire video, which is available at the link, but this is an amazing chronicle of events. As you watch, remind yourself:

And it's all one big, blue:

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