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4/24/2024 - New UN?? First arrest verifies action! Civil unrest? Paradigm Shift!


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Mindsets of ticking people off!

The mindset of the Military challenging you to tick them off!!

Military are wired differently than the every day civilian! They are devoted, trained, and disciplined and oftentimes, sees the bigger picture! It started with their own Life Choice to devote a period of their lives to serve in the military to help strangers fight for their freedom! When Trump was inaugurated, we entered a different type of leadership...a Military Leadership!

The Movie, the plan, the moves, countermoves, the unexpected, the hive minds, the after effects, the shock waves, etc. They could not play 3D chess and make obvious moves that were so predictable, for they were fighting the invisible enemy within human people....bad people in all walks of life.

This Campaign Email was sent to many Trump supporters:

Let's think like the military when it comes to President Trumps message. Could it be that he needs to be in a place where no one can blame him when mass arrests occur for the bad people? Or when other major justice events occur?

Is this event that's happening at the University of Texas the beginning of the civil unrest? Is this just the beginning of what is to come?

Why are people protesting at the University of Texas Austin? Do we need to be prepared for those violent groups to come out for whatever reason they seem fit?

Remember, President Trump did mention that Antifa should be a terrorist group!

What happens when Trump's legal matters turn in favor of Trump? Or if SCOTUS makes a surprise ruling on J6/ the 2020 election or something else in favor of WE THE PEOPLE? What kind of violence will occur? Remember, this is an election year and the left don't have mail in voting, their crooked/ hackable voting machines, big donors, they have resorted to falsely indicting Trump to keep him from campaigning and gaining momentum! But these legal matters aren't stopping Trump supporters at all!!! President Trump is still the commander in chief of the Republic United States. Additional proof of this is that he is still meeting with world leaders while he is in New York battling his scam trial.

President Trump's powerful message! Listen to this message as it applies to Trump and then listen again as it would apply to YOU.





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