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5/28/2024 - Trump Comms! Judges protecting Epstein List? Reporters talk Civil unrest! Trump is unstoppable!


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Decode Bronx Speech President Trump referenced 29 years 4 times.

What does this mean?? Who are involved these networks?

Short List of big named people that are connected to very bad people that hurts children and humanity!

There's a reason some people wear "boots"

President Trump already alerted us that Obama got caught!

2.15 Right here in the Bronx

6.26 Giving America the middle finger

6.45 NYE Great Again


11.50 Ice Rink - Trump involved - Called Montreal Hockey Team to help

12.39 Rubber Hose Water Salt - called BRINE BRINE GEMATRIA

Q136 Q288 Q48 Covered in concrete - Teamsters stretched - Rink completed in 3 months!

14.07 Biggest cost was demolition

14.28 Parents looking down..."that's my son"

14.40 Tried in a court with a crooked judge

16.10 Trump mentions Bloomberg - Crowd Boos

16.31 Almost 30 years

18.30 Should I Go off teleprompter 

18.56 Jan 6 wants to terminate agreement with the city

19.15 29 years

19.41 Supreme Court Justice - Debra James - African American who came to Trump's defense ( about terminating agreement)...She said "How dare you" 

20.18 29 years

20.30 We won the case

21.10 Hillary Clinton - Crowd chants LOCK HER UP 

21.46 We're gonna win all those battles

22.18 You are different...this is a rally

22.40 When we saw the LOVE

22.54 I love you too!

23.00 Crowd chants we Love Trump

23.40 Agreed to do debate with crooked Joe Biden and Fake Tapper

24.16 CNN - Trump explaining the Fake News example

24.40 Standing up for the debate

25.00 We're on every network

25.47 4 of the best years - defeated ISIS in 2 months - bc we have an incredible military

26.35 As soon as I get back in Oval Office - Call Mayor

27.22 Biden can't do it Doesn't know he's alive

27.35 when biden is finished with speech, you can never find the stairs

28.00 Xi, Putin...All at the top of their game...

28.18 We were respected 4 years ago

28.44 Subway system cleaned - hasn't been cleaned since 1932

29.40 Make life in NY afforrdable again...will rapidly rebuild the history of the world

30.10 It doesn't matter whatever the hell color you are...WE ARE ALL AMERICANS AND we're going to pull togeter as Americans

30.45 We all want better oppty....not promise it...will deliver it! 

31.10 We have ppl I wouldn't I know the smart ones, the dumb ones...

31.33 Gas 1.87 = kill Code

32.10 Middle class income fallen over $2000 a year

32.20 AA and Hispanic Americans are getting slaughtered

They're losing their jobs and houses, 

33.14 571 miles of wall

33.47 Best wall - 200 miles of wall - took the wall and sold it for .05 on the dollar

34.40 Crowd chants send them back

34.53 President of Mexico - Good man

Trump asked Pres we need 28,000 soldiers and we're not paying for it...Mexico...send me a negotiator...came to in the most beautiful tailors...Negotiator

36.05 I said "way" Remain in Mexico

37.24 571 Miles (of wall)

3750 25% tarriff 

38.26 All 10 things took about 10 minutes  Q1010

39.30 They did give back the Constitution

39.50 Bacon - I don't eat - too expensive

40.10 replace bidennomins with MAGAnomics!

40.29 Lowered taxes

40.40 I will give you low affordable again by saysin DRILL BABY DRILL - 

Energy will go down by over 50%

41.25 Quickly return our nation to path of prosperity

41.49 Our side is bigger than their side...we're more quiet and tougher

42.07 I was getting calls from the other side (Dems) asking to get together with Trump....various races mentioned - THE BEST 

Everybody was better!  Not one group left out...

42.50 Had covid and had to fight that battle

43.29 First pres in 78 years that didn't start a war


Dropping Bombs $9t spent



Drop billions of $ worth of Bombs


44.50 Iraq now has $150B in cash...Iran 

1000 years

Iraq is a subsidiary of Iran

45.35 When POTUS - Iran was broke.  They had no money for Hamas, Hezzbollah....and now Iran $223B

For 5 hostages...we (Biden) just paid $6B

Electricity = $10B

Now Iran has become a big threat!

46.50 I see A LOT OF flags right out of Israel.  

47.14 Many hostages are dead.  

47.30 (about Hostages) 

47.40 It would have never happened if I were your president

We're gonna get them home

48.00 Speech about Success - Used to talk about it a lot.

Used to do this before politics.

I'm so tired of politics

48.50 Can we devote 6 minutes to success?

49.20 We did it much better the 2nd time

50.00 You fix it and can't talk about it!

50.20 I'm od'd on politics

50.40 The harder you work, the luckier I get!

Gary Player Golfer - small in stature

51.22 Wonderful father

If you're going to spend time got to love it! 

52.07 Try finding something that is agreat business and that you would like.  

52.33 Father worked 7 days a week...married for a long time. He was happy and successful.  He build a house faster better and cheaper.  

53.20 Professor John Trump = 41 years - Q41

He kept getting degrees. John Trump was a nuclear Genius!

54.23 Father would sell a house for $3999.99 (sold a lot of homes).

That one penny.  

55.05 Another lesson - when times are have learn

55.20 Lady in audience having problems...Trump calls for Doctor...Trump stops speech.  Cares for woman in need.

56.10 Some people waited here for 2 days

(what will happen in 2 days)

57.45 We have a lot of doctors in the house! 

58.20 The toughest biz ppl...How do you do it?  

These horrible human beings after you all the time!

59.15  We have to make it TOO BIG TO RIG

59.26 Success - You need momentum!

Successful RE people built massive towns.  He was offered a lot of $$ to sell to a public company.  For 20 years...lived a beautiful life....21-22 years later he bought the company back.  

Everything he touched turned bad..

He lost momentum

01.36 I was a HOT guy!  

02.23 Bill L. told Trump - I lost my momentum!  

2.50 You have to always keep moving forward! 

3.15 Doing it to MAGA

03.48 Up in PA, MI, NH, FL

3.59 Set your sites HIGH and make your goals BIG

4.11 Make NY A LOT BETTER!  

4.21 Take pride in your accomplishments.  Think to the future, but learn from the past.  

5.58 MAa great and Glorious country again

6.25 VZ was a crime ridden country and now a 72% decline! 

7.30 Bombin Yemen




7.40 They're 19-25 

They wants to get us from within.  

They want to build an Army!

They have something in mind!

We're going to end all that stuff!

We're not going to let the people come in and take away our country!

9.30 16-17 M people.  They're coming in from all over.

Languages that we don't speak...

10.13 We're lucky to get this big park! 

10.30 Trump talking about women and r*ped

11.14 Gov Newscum - Offers medical care to illegals

11.35 In Brooklyn students - had to go away and turn into migrant housing.

12.04 I put America first!

12.30 The Snake - You know what this all about

When we allow ppl from prisons, mental institutions, when we allowing terrorists...remember the snake...You're going to get bitten!  

15.42 One day 1 I will seal the border

16.34 When (biden) falls out of a helicopter.  

16.50 If we just win this puts it to bed!  

17.08 The world is going to respect us again! 

17.17 Vicktor Orbain - Need Trump - They respected president and respect the USA

18.44 Jonathan Diller (police officer) - 31 y/o

Shooter was arrested 21 times.

Accomplice was arrested 14 times 

20.10 53% felony increase

Going to imdemnify Police Officers for taking strong action on crime! 

 21.09 Violent criminal that kills Police officer will get the death penalty

21.27 Pleasures as simple as a Walk in the Park.

21.40 American Dream will be coming back! 

21.58 A certain mayor dumped all of them into our streets

22.29 Mentally ill - to get them the help that they need

22.43 Can't mention them, they won't be speaking to me

23.00 Introduce Ruben Diaz Sr. - Democrat

Black PR

Used to be State Senator / City Council Member

"I want to apologize for the conduct of Judge Juan Merchan..."

24.20 Thank AOC - pretended to be a prophet....

"Madam have become a false prophet!"

25.50 Even God wants you in the Bronx!

I want to join you for having the Bronx Great Again! 

Endorsed Trump! 

27.35 Byron Donalds

28.41 Rapper Sheff G and Sleepy Hollow

Sheff G - One thing I want to say....Trump will shout the wins for all of us!  


29.40 Got to get my teeth like that

30.42 This guy is Central CAsting - If I'm doing a movie...this is the guy I would have come up

32.15 It was a LOVE FEST!

33.26 Saving NY...Tell Joe Biden "You're FIRED"

33.47 I believe you can win NY state

You live in a blue city but it's going RED very quickly Just to confirm...President Trump Re-Truthed this post:

Now DeNiro is outside of courtroom talking trash....these corrupt washed out celebrities must be feeling the heat now!

CURES Cancer


President Trump's powerful message! Listen to this message as it applies to Trump and then listen again as it would apply to YOU.





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