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5/31/2024 - Trump Verdict - 34 counts! Corrupt justice took the bait! Vengeance is God's!


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Was Judge Merchan's jury instruction treasonous? Was it unconstitutional? 3 cases: E Jean Carroll - Circumstantial only Letitia James / Judge Engoron - No Due Process and no jury allowed / Judge made final ridiculous ruling! Alvin Bragg / Judge Merchan - No Due Process / biased jury instructions / etc. No CRIME committed! Even FEC says there is no crime.

Dirty acts on Trump: MAL Raid order signed by Judge that used to represent Epstein peeps! MAL Raid - FBI / DOJ planted evidence and alerted evidence! Michael Cohen admitted he lied. Stormy Daniels misleading "story telling". (BTW, she still has a judgment to pay Trump $500K). Remember, President Trump did mention it would be a Scary 6 months:

He also talked about his stance on protecting the Constitution.

So how many of you have been wrongfully convicted? By family or friends (on a smaller scale)? Don't most of us have family members that have shunned us because of our stance and beliefs? Have you ever faced a case in court, whether it be family or civil or small claims, where the judge is clearly siding with the opposing party and would not allow YOU to defend your rights? What if the opposing party is a LARGE corporation? President Trump IS taking the Slings and Arrows right now...more than ever!

Precedent Trump The Swamp took the Bait!

Great thread on Trump trials / situations setting a precedent.


IT IS BIBLICAL has many meanings. The persecution President Trump and the genuine MAGA supporters face....for simply telling the truth and in President Trump's case...his plan to take justice!

The Vengeance is for God!


CURES Cancer


President Trump's powerful message! Listen to this message as it applies to Trump and then listen again as it would apply to YOU.





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