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50,000 Secret USA Troops - Deputized! Just getting started!

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PART 1 - Reporting Sunday 10/17/2021

Il Donaldo tweeted this today (10/17/2021):

Interesting because on Friday and Saturday two things were trending:

And this Pelosi news today:

So what the heck is going on? With recent news about Space Force busy, US Marshals trending, Pelosi stepping down, the sickos that was getting treated for a strange infection to being released. But report showed he has E. Coli, so why would they let BC loose? Is this a message to alert us of what justice is on its way publicly? Before I go further, I will use code names and if you are listening on Spotify, you can see the codes in the description section:

ANTIFA - Thugs CARTEL - Cowards

PEDOS - Punks TRAFFICKERS - Transporters


TRUMP AND MILITARY BRILLIANT MOVES Notice how President Trump dances on stage...after a rally. But what is President Trump's hidden message...he's got some great "moves"!

With the help of SilverGate, he's enlightened me to some of these articles / posts of President Trump's BRILLIANT plan with great moves!

Let's go back a bit to see what our Bossman has been planning and how every single step is strategic!!

1/13/2017 Trump Pre-Inauguration Military Move - DC National Guard General Schwartz "resigns" days before the Inauguration.

1/20/2017 Trump Clip with Military at Inauguration - This clip shows the Military stands with President Trump!!!

President Trump Announces Space Force on May 2, 2018 - Full Speech

President Trump introduces Mike Pompeo on May 2, 2018 - listen carefully:

President Trump introduces Space Force on May 2, 2018:

Fast Forward to 2020: 3/11/2020 - "My Fellow Americans...We are Marshaling the full power of the federal government..."

Clip here:

April 2020 - During President Trump's Covid briefings, he was asked about QAnon people. Reporter remarks about Trump saving the world from evil stuff and Bossman's response.. "Is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing?:

On 7/10/2020 - President Trump at US South Comm - Clip on taking down vile traffickers (clip):

Article on President Trump's moves in 2020 Deputized process Liberals needed his help.

July 8, 2020 - President Trump deputized US Marshals Deputized federal officers:

President Trump took office to help save the children, people, lives and Humanity!


10/15/2020 - President Trump talks US Marshals rids Antifa leader:

AWA - Adam Walsh Act was signed in 2006 to Protect Children and to expedite

Let's not forget this:

Remember when President Trump talked about signing something big that would take in effect on January was EO 13792.

How BIG is Space Force? How effective is it?

So are all of these signs of the fate of Jihad Joe, his vile family and friends and everyone in politics that is freaking out?

Will this movie begin to roll out like a freight train?

How effective and powerful will President Trump's secret troops help save humanity. Who are they? They appear to be the hidden heroes helping our Military and law enforcement to help take down the remaining swamp monsters. Remember, Space Force has incredible abilities to help track down bad guys, hence it is now the 6th Branch of our great Military, thanks to President Trump!! How did all the prior swamp monsters' statements, laws signed, acts signed back fire on them? Stay tuned for tomorrow to cover the boomerang effect of their recklessness!




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