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6/11/2024 - Hunter Guilty! 51 DOJ agents interfered with Election BIGLY! EO 13818!


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HUNTER BIDEN GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES! Faces up to 25 years! We had to wait for nearly 4 years to validate EVERYTHING the Surfers, Anons and true patriots were sharing about Hunter's laptop and it had to be revealed through a court case!


51 agents that lied about Hunter Biden laptop to interfere with the Election. NYP dropped the story just days before the 2020 election and it was never denied by the Biden's...only deflected. They were stupid enough to sign a letter referring to the contents of Hunter's laptop as coming from Russia! Boy, by the time this is all over, Putin may seek his retribution on these criminals in the USA.

Some of the 51 Agents donated to Biden. CIA operatives meddled in US domestic affairs, which the CIA Charter bars. Their charter bars from spying on Americans and as we learned, they violated their own charter! This Just The News Article explains all of this. Didn't President Trump drop a comm at his Las Vegas Rally about the 51 agents stating "they should be prosecuted....let's what happens..." and then talked "PAUSE".

Q posts referencing PAUSE sums up the big named swamp rats:

It appears Hunter's criminal case was used for bait. To submit evidence that includes the Laptop that contains all the dirty tactics and schemes and crimes by Hunter, Joe, James Biden and a ton of other swamp rats. Loser Barry and HRC 2.0's are probably freaking out right now!

We know Clapper and Brennan are! So let's see what happens! Will they actually sentence Hunter to prison? Be aware of the liberal spin on this. I made the biggest mistake by going to the grocery store just after the announcement of Hunter's conviction and heard the liberals saying "Republicans want guns, but will go after Hunter for having a gun". Talk about the ultimate Liberal Spin! SHEEP! BRAINWASHED!!! LIBERALISM!!! Trying to reason with them is not worth my time! In essence, they are rooting for a cocaine addicted freak that is not even supposed to own a gun! Wait til they learn about all the other sick crimes the Biden/Obama/Clinton peeps did! I don't even think this group will wake up!

But maybe they will wake up!

Maybe more of this type of reporting will make the sleepy ones wake up! This is proof that Trump's EO 13818 is in effect!

Be thankful for being so awake! Knowing that Greatness will come to those that wait! Not everyone will make it to Modern Day Noah's Ark and we know we have done all we could to help save humanity. God's Soldiers may have very few friends....because you speak the Truth!

Hang tight...there is much more to come! When these 51 agents begin to cry on the media circuit, then we know their 2.0 freedom days are numbered. The media will have no choice but to blast so many lies about President Trump and his We the People Agenda that they will get very angry and may be very entertaining to watch them then!

It's gonna get nuttier!!!


CURES - An up to date CURES page will be posted in the coming days (6/6/2024) Cancer


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