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6/26/2024 - HOME! Julian court docs sets precedent! SOS' dirty secrets!


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PODCAST ONLY Julian Assange exposed tons of secrets! To the point that Hillary and Mike Pompeo both wanted Julian "gone". Mike Pompeo has dirty secrets and apparently did not want the world to know!

Now check out Tucker Carlson's commentary on Pompeo and the lawsuit against Pompeo and how Pompeo admits that he lies and cheats! Julian Assange had so much dirt on Hillary and her evil gang, that he probably loathed reading all her dirty evil plots! Julian's plea deal did not include a gag order. It's emphasis is obtaining Classified information from a government informant. Which I will get back to in a moment. The other part was that: deleted the DNC files.

Wikileaks deleted DNC email file on their site. Here’s an Article outlining info in those files:

These 2 links are up!

Julian Assange is finally home! In Stella's arms. No more theatre for him... he can now live a normal life....outside of hiding!

Q told us JA is protected!

But one big reference in the Court Order is EO 13526...a Barry Soetoro aka Obama order concerning Classified Documents! But the part that has my head spinning is the Declassification part of this EO.

So using my deductive reasoning, Julian Assange gets extradited to an American territory Court to make his plea and then is released to Australia for his freedom! So the plea and court documents are in the United States laws / courts. Does this open pandoras box for Hillary, Obama, Biden and all the other dirty politicians that held classified documents; or sold it; or released for the wrong reasons? In my humble opinion....Julian Assange extradition case is the precedent! The information Julian Assange released appears to be crimes against humanity by Americans and the military and based on EO 13526 Section 1:7 (above), 1,2,4 applies. How many other swamp monsters have clearly violated this EO and are roaming around free? They detained/ imprisoned Julian Assange on fake charges and held him hostage for years! Then we are now learning his visitors at the Embassy were spied on by Mike Pompeo and others! Julian Assange was releasing this information before Truthers came onto social media. Who knew the very weapon the liberal big tech created and tried to use against us, is the same weapon to bring down corrupt everything!

"Parents in the movie business" "They've been on the run from a cult" Is JA one of the producers of this Q / Great Awakening Movie?

You do realize that you have carried the torch for Julian Assange by revealing so much truth that the main stream dirty media cannot control.


CURES - An up to date CURES page will be posted in the coming days (6/6/2024) Cancer


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