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AG NY Political hit job! Obama letter of having classified docs! Trump set the trap!


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Raid / Theft - were they also looking for Hillary's 33K emails? Isn't Letitia James' lawsuit pointless and frivolous? She couldn't find crimes, so she files a civil lawsuit instead. In my humble opinion, she's an idiot that is so desperate to take down President Trump and destroy the dreams of Trump's hundreds of millions of supporters. She wants his supporters to get depressed and losing hope! That is the motto for the dirty far left loonie party!

They are so dirty that cheating is their only way!

So this is a great synopsis of how Trump's Trap plays out! Loser Letitia files a pointless lawsuit against President Trump. President Trump and his family sit back gets served their lawsuit for what?? Fraud?? On who? Did Loser Letitia suffer a financial loss? If not, then why did she file a lawsuit? Notice that she dumped everyone she could in the lawsuit and if Trump had a pet dog, that dog would have been dumped into the lawsuit as well!

(Click on Truth post above and it links to the thread) Oh poor Letitia, even Bill Barr and others are calling her lawsuit a political hit job!

She had to start a dumb narrative to get the desperate liberals from stop crying while Trump Supporters and Anons keep celebrating seeing through all the dirty left's antics!

A Statement out by Michael Henry:

Let's look at President Trump's Comms:

Q1255 (Timestamp)

Today, this video message surfaced (from Germany government) about September 24, 2022:

If Emmanuel Macron is the President of France and the people of France have fought against his tyranny for years...and even insult him in public, does this Q post mean he went down?

Macron did attend Queen Lizzy funeral. So did he not surrender?

President Trump Rally announcement video is LIT!

Will we begin to see Loser Barry bombs drop?

How big is Trump's Rally tomorrow night? Are you getting ready?

Remember what SwampFoxSC and Raffa posted:


God Bless you and thank you for sharing truth, love and joy!!


Keep your Faith in God!!!





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