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Agenda 47 + Project 2025 = MASSIVE QUICK CHANGES! Death Penalty for traffickers!


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Yesterday we showed Anthony Weiner having a meltdown on PBD Podcast. Trump knew back in 2012 about the dirty dealings in Congress and tweeted this:

And Weiner pled guilty in 2017 and worked out a "plea deal". What was his plea deal? Giving names and incidents of horrid crimes. He was a Senator, so did he give out names of other crooked people in Congress?

Another indictment incoming. The reason why Democrats and the dirtiest agencies are trying to bring him down is not only because Trump is surging in the polls, he will TAKE DOWN the pedos, bad guys quickly! President Trump shared this Agenda 47 message on Trafficking and the consequences for Traffickers!

"When I am back at the White House...." (2:14 Minute mark). This tells me that President Trump's return to the WH is imminent, it's just a matter of when. So if hundreds of Pedowood are now silenced due to the Actors and SAG strike (we already know most have been dealt with) and politicians like the Clintons, Bush, Obama's, Schiff, Schumer, and the list goes on and on. Then think about those in law enforcement agencies, defending child / sex traffickers. Now, let's remember that Joe Biden allows human / child traffickers in through our borders. So Joe Biden will face the death penalty (we know the real Joe Biden is gone from earth), but since all of his crimes are getting exposed and those of his family, is Joe and some members of his family next to face Trump's Agenda 47 plan for the death penalty? Remember over 2 years ago, this was reported on the War Room: Former MO. Governor (R) Eric Greitens states "Joe Biden is the largest human trafficker in the world..."

Let's listen to President Trump's message on specifically the Death Penalty for Child and Sex Traffickers:

The media has been a big part of protecting pedos that they even have to put out articles to protect them and try to normalize pedos. Which is horrific! So when Trump enforces Child / Human Trafficking Death Penalty, this world will be a completely different world!

Now lets add President Trump's Project 2025 plan to take control over Big Tech, the Media, Radio Airwaves, law Enforcement Agencies, Congressional spending (that Trump doesn't like or agree to spending)! Project 2025 would go into effect the moment President Trump is sworn in!!!

Project 2025 - An Agenda 47 Project

Vincent Kennedy posted this back in 2022:



President Trump's Truth account went empty for just a few minutes (last night) and the last Truth post was "It will be done quickly!!!".

With a Video, This is the Final Battle:

Video link is 36 seconds long = Q36:

Thank you for being a strong Child and Warrior for God!


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