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Alot can happen in 75 days!! Something bigger in play! Cry if you must but come back to fight!



Joe's polls are tanking!!! He dropped from 1 out of 10 Dems regret voting for Jihad Joe and now he dropped down to 1 out of 5! His disapproval rating has dropped from 10% to 20% of Dems.

Give it time. This will more thank likely rise up to 50% + regret voting for this nitwit!

Patriots, Anons, Surfers and those that walked away from the Democrat party...this is exactly what needed to get exposed! Showing the world Joe (who represents the Dem party) does not care for you, humanity at all! He is mandating vax to all federal employees and now large employers.

Federal Employees include:

Who are large employers?

Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big pedo supporting online stores, think of every single evil and corrupt business out there...including the MEDIA!!! Those are the large employers!!

Taking them down via Jihad Joe's mandates?

Here's something to let sink in:

These horrid companies that censor conservatives, yet exploit and encourage child trafficking have been untouchable! Heck we can't even get our own government agencies to investigate these evil , corrupt, and in some cases those that commit Corporate fraud! They have been untouchable for the longest time. Now they are facing the vax and while they were spewing garbage to the unvaxxed, now they face their fate? Will many of them revolt? Will we have marches all across the country revolting mandates that are unconstitutional, while we stand next to a liberal? Is this one way of uniting?

The government vax mandate is 75 days from the day Joe signed the order. That would put us at around November 23, 2021. What could happen in those 75 days?

How many dems have just walked away from that party?

Imagine the outrage they have within about being deceived. They have been brainwashed by fake news, they have mocked at people for trying to share the truth, but now they face a rude awakening...many are saying...what happened to Joe? Why is he leading us to communism? They are probably thinking why their favorite liberal reporters spun the truth and turned it into a complete lie!

Now here comes the time when they loudly or quietly walk away. They will find us on Telegram because, even they knew we were banned. They are now searching for the truth! Where will they go?? They may not go directly to a Q account because some are so advanced it will look like a puzzle that they do not understand.

This is where the new celeb accounts come into play. They may find Denzel Washington, Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, Sylvester Stallone and they may begin to read those accounts. Guess what they all have...SECRETS about their industries!!!

Then they may stumble across Princess Di or Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and see that they are still alive. Then they will connect their own dots.

What is most important is that they find the truth all on their own. Then they own it and understand it! This is why it is so important to get many of these Celeb accounts big as quick as possible.

Yoda on Twitter (who just got suspended) shared that her liberal friends called her after Joe's announcement.

We are fighting against every Goliath out there! And inasmuch as it may appear we are not winning...behind the scenes we are!

Alot of things can happen in 75 days!!!

May God heal your heart!! May God give you wisdom! Please take time off to heal and then come back to finish this fight! Marches will happen all around the country now! Will we be marching with former liberals in their fight for freedom?

Thank you for your support!



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