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Another Trump case drops! Distractions from off world technology & Greatness incoming?


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On Court Day, June 13, 2023, Tim Parlatore - Former Trump Attorney discussed that he witnessed Prosecutorial Misconduct!

Tim Parlatore tenure on Trump legal team ended a month ago.

So if Parlatore's tenure ended and he witnessed this prosecutorial misconduct and what also appears to be a threat to a Witness' attorney for a judgeship, then how is this not only PM, but would it also be grounds to dismiss the case? Even Parlatore mentions a case with this much PM would be grounds for a mistrial! Of course Andrew Weismann did not like hearing any of this! This begs the question, did Parlatore leave as Trump's attorney because he is now a witness? Can he be called by Trump's newest legal team to testify? Now let's listen to Dr. Steven Greer discuss UFO's. distractions, and Trump Indictment:


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