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Anti-Trump FBI arrested! MSM talks Treason on Biden! Fall Street! WEF shame Walks! God Winning!

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TWITTER FILES LINK - January 3, 2023 - The FBI Belly Button TWITTER FILES LINK - January 9, 2023 - How Scott Gottlieb MD - a top Pfizer board member - used the same Twitter lobbyist as the White House to suppress debate on Covid vaccines, INCLUDING FROM A FELLOW HEAD OF FDA! TWITTER FILES LINK - January 12, 2023 - LIES ABOUT RUSSIAGATE TITTER FILES LINK - January 16, 2023 - How the pharmaceutical industry lobbied social media to shape content around vaccine policy.


SCOTUS probed by Jim Jordan

Monday Congress and SCOTUS convenes. SCOTUS to give their first opinion for 2023:



BlackRock was at WEF! Why?

Last week:

Big Companies are laying off!

List of some companies laying off: Microsoft Amazon Salesforce Vimeo Bed Bath & Beyond Blackrock Bank of NY Mellon Wells Fargo Goldman Coinbase Spotify And this news popped up from main stream media which is odd, because MSM has kept this type of news suppressed:

Be aware of Article thumbnails...the thumbnail link says something different than the article itself:


BE PREPARED! Reason the left-wing nuts are rioting. Fake news isn't telling the real story about the riots happening in Atlanta.

Fake isn't giving the complete story. Fake news is also saying there was a peaceful protest. Yet there was violence!

HR 130 is a Bill Introduced by 118th House to impose the death penalty for cop killers or attempting to kill a cop!

What happens when more investigations happen or when the Impeachment process begins for Joe and others? How much more violent will our country get?

Remember Roe v. Wade reversal and the people that were trying to riot because of the SCOTUS ruling? What happens when Planned Parenthood is defunded?

What happens when mass arrests are happening behind the scenes. Will they be the WEF version of perp walks?

When we get closer to God's Greatness and Freedom from Tyranny, the push to fight against our freedom will get stronger and harder. Please be prepared and think outside of the box. Get stocked with food/water, medicine, cash and pet food. The riot in Atlanta showed clips of the rioters vandalizing / breaking into banks! Was that a sign of what is to come? When the cabal and dirty wall street comes crashing down, as we are witnessing right now, the rioters will revolt. What happens when SCOTUS comes out with a ruling that the left will be outraged know how they play...dirty!


FREEDOM ISN'T FREE - CELEBRATING DIAMOND'S NEW LIFE The cost for Freedom isn't free! Rescuing and saving the children was such a huge part of the elite's criminal organization and President Trump's primary agenda was to bring those elites down and Bring our Diamonds (Children) back! It is very interesting because the Celebration of Life service for Diamond was truly a celebration of life and exposing the crimes of the vaccine! President Trump sat and listened to the family members that had beautiful heart felt messages and songs to share to bid Diamond farewell. Yet, most seemed jubilant! Is it that time?

The Birth of a New Nation is on its way!




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