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APES on both sides - It's bigger than HODL-ing! You're taking down corrupt leaders!


Our fight to take down the crooks at Wall Street is way bigger than HODL or Holding on a meme stock, it's also exposing big named crooks in government!

Yes the meme stock war still continues and while dirty politicians are pushing to continue the ScamDemic; short sellers playing their illegal games of naked shorting; then knowing Janet Yellen is paid by Wall Street and Citadel for "speaking fees", we are fighting to take them down without any help from our government! Yellen got paid more for her speaking fee than a former president of the United States could ever get!

These are a Agencies the Department of Treasury oversees. FINCEN, IRS and US Mint truly caught my attention for the nefarious activity happening with the Big Banksters, the Shell Company games and the lack of supply of Silver and the endless printing of fiat dollars (at the US Mint) raises huge concerns about the stability of our economy. Rather than Yellen taking enforcement action on corrupt companies, she appears to have turned a blind eye to them and move towards punishing the hard working Americans by raising interest rates! Raising interest rates only helps Wall Street:

There are plenty of hard working people out there that are shocked that Yellen would raise interest rates at a time America needs a reprieve. The housing prices have increased; lumber has surged in prices (truly unexplained for the supply is abundant) causing an increase in housing prices; rates were low enough for people to afford buying a home; gas prices have surged due to alleged "ransom" money paid to "hackers"; products for food and household expenses are increasing substantially, yet Yellen has been in her position for less than 6 months and has done NOTHING to help middle Americans and now wants to raise interest rates!

This is not a Left or Right issue, this is a We the People issue. APES come in all sizes and in 6 months, have learned the importance of holding onto their meme stocks such as AMC. Ask most Redditors, most will say it is to expose the hedgies' illegal game of naked short selling and not being held accountable for their illegal acts.

If Yellen was paid by Citadel, a company that heavily shorted one meme stock, GME; and Citadel has been fighting against Main Street's #APESARMY, then how will the APES ever have a chance to win, other than through the millions of people buying one, two, thousands of shares.

There is a reason President Trump pointed towards her when he talked about "corrupt":

The fight to hold onto meme stocks is a lot bigger than one can even imagine. Baby Apes ages range in the teens to the 90's. Their fight is to take down Wall Street, dirty government leaders, dirty politicians.

But now, even the hedgies are still sending out their minions to infiltrate your social media / Telegram chats / feeds. They will prey on the weak ones to sell. The market manipulation still continues. The stock may increase significantly and then drop, only to get you emotions triggered to sell.

Experienced APES are watching close and some speculate (emphasis on SPECULATE) that the stock will soar to the moon. Without quoting any numbers, think about this, if the general population holds the majority of stock on AMC and the short sellers desperately need your shares to avoid assets seized and possibly jail time, they will pay top dollar to avoid this happening to their precious lives and lifestyle!

Does this mean that something will shoot to the moon? Or something to happen on June 10, 2021, the evening of the eclipse? A Blood moon happens on June 24, 2021.

Then GeorgeNews posted this on his evening chat on YouTube at approximately 29:42 Minute mark, they are scenes of our astronauts in space.

Are these signs of our Galactic Awakening? How great is President Trump and the White Hat's Greatness? Will it be so overwhelming that words will not describe its magnificence?

Will this awe-inspiring awakening supersede the take down of the corruption?

And then comes the efforts to help humanity! Will we all become Philanthropists because we will live in a world that has no cabal, no central banksters, no crooked business dealings and we can finally thrive rather than just survive?

Philanthropists in helping each other? The will to want to help humanity, a community, a town, a city to become as beautiful and self sustained as much as possible? The reason to wake up in the morning to help your fellow neighbor!

This is the Beauty of what is to come. Maybe the operations has been delayed for a reason. You have done such a tremendous job in bringing love, joy and hope throughout this process. If you are a parent of a young child; or a grandparent of young grandchildren; or an aunt or uncle, to know their lives will be incredibly safe and they will live a life of incredible beauty and love.

And when you can one day tell them the story of how you survived it all, through, love, prayers, hope, faith in God and some may even say a Sammy Dance!

Sammy has brought so much hope and joy to us all during these moments. The Sammy Coin is more of a novelty piece to help us remember those times we leaned on each other!

The beautiful comments on JM Bullion site is for us to remind ourselves why we got or want one. Sammy lives in our hearts daily now!

Now is it your turn to be the Sammy to the world? Have you always had the Sammy in you? Bringing hope and joy to others? You bet you have!!!

The energy level seems to be lifting and we will more than likely face more rocky paths, but it will only make us more prepared and stronger!

We can now see the light!

It is just a matter of time til we see our President Trump walk back to the White House and ready to roll out his Save America plan!

We'll get more information through his rallies and we will soon all connect once again through his social media platform! Our Bossman is ready to change the world!!



Fra Sici
Fra Sici
Jun 11, 2021


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