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Are you ascending? You never walk alone!

VIDEO 12/03/2021


12/03/2021 comments below article


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SilverGate has been sharing some beautiful messages about God, Faith. Forgiveness and Focus. He is always helping us and lifting us up no matter what!

The Surfer movement is so beautiful and powerful and strong. Encouraging one another. Many are sensing or feeling awkward within; or unusual pain; or a slight cold; or emotional triggers; or the warrior beast is out. In my opinion, these are signs of a huge breakthrough of ascending! For me, it is closer to God!

Watching this SilverGate video with his message made me fall apart. Forgiveness is powerful and moving on and learning from those experiences is what makes you who you are today!

Think of what you have become from this Great Awakening movement? Wiser, stronger, full of faith, closer to God.

Think of this incredible journey as preparing to play for a soccer team. A coach isn't going to take you at the age of when you first learned how to walk and put that soccer ball in front of you and say...Okay make that goal. You may look at the ball and laugh like the child that you are, but you don't even know what a goal is.

Time goes on and your parents are running with you, exercising with you, kicking the soccer ball around with you so you understand the basic concepts of soccer.


Then you meet different team mates along the way, grade school, middle school, high school and college. Each time you elevate to a new grade, you make new friends along the way. The coaching gets tougher, the exercises are more strenuous. You may even push yourself so much that you get injured, but you never give up! You see the end result! Is it getting you closer to your goal?

Now it's Go time and you are groomed and let's say you even get a scholarship for your performance in soccer. You attend college and play soccer and master the game! The coaching is even tougher but you are ready!


Are you ascending? Are you growing spiritually every day? Are your actions today going to have an impact in your life; another person's life tomorrow? How did we live our life today to make a difference? Is your daily walk in life getting you closer to your goal?

Will we allow negative people or things get in the way? Not at all! If we are all on God's mission to get the truth out there, front and center, and stay on the path of helping Humanity, then changes are bound to happen...ultimately for the good! The power of positivity is Powerful and it pleases God because it is filled with Faith!

Let's take a look at those messages in SilverGate's video:

We know our Lord God doesn't ever let us down! He has chosen you for a reason and purpose.


GOD'S PROMISES TO YOU! The most beautiful prayer by our Lord Jesus Christ at the Sermon on the Mount!!

Our First Couple is sharing so much Christmas cheer our way! President Trump is sharing more Christmas photos and tweets lately!!!

We trust in God's plan for us!







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60 comentarios

25 dic 2021

Beautiful and heartfelt😊

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
14 dic 2021

Where are you Santa? We are worried. Hope you and your family are well.

Me gusta

Love and Adore you Sis Santa Surfing my Shero Love and Blessings to you and your family

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
08 dic 2021


use syllable spell casting to decode word hidden agenda precinctstrategy

1. pre - cinct - Strat - e - gy

2. step two: replace syllable with rhyming word

3. pre - sink

4. Then imagine a PICTURE IDEA to reveal a hidden sgenda hidden behind the first spell cast

5. pre sink ?

6. Sink a ship ?

7. hmmmmm

8. Are humans considered ships with Inn the Hidden " MARITIME COURT GOVT. SYSTEM" ?

9. Is there a hidden strategy agenda to burry humans a pile higher and deeper to continue Property TAX & Jurisdiction ?

10. What if,...... could be

11. Is it wise to consider all possiBILL traps

12. What yall think ?

13. Write it…

Me gusta

Faith Ann Lubitz
Faith Ann Lubitz
07 dic 2021

Santa are you ok, heard about storms and flooding and power outages in Hawaii..❤️❤️

Me gusta
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