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BACKLASH Incoming...the likes no one has ever seen before! Trump's Roaring Crowd!

Complimentary Notes (2) with each order of Pain Absolve and Body Sculpt (while supplies last)





Fox News reporting on dirty justice system:





President Trump's speech:

3.51 In 2 months - going to end it

4.11 Country going to hell

5.32 Enemy of the State - "group that controls him" Q - Enemy

6.07 red lighting like the devil

6.53 4 ppl killed

7.00 7 ppl shot

7.09 1,400 people shot Q1400

7.24 560 people Q560

7.47 62% - Doug you have to take care of this and "Oz will send you the goods"

8.09 Retail theft up 59% Q59

8.25 2010 - 2019 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

BIG BIRD 8.40 Biden should stop the killing of America where record death and destruction is happening every day

9.08 Biden thinks MAGA is a bad thing. Biden wants to stop MAGA

10.57 this November we're going to Stand up to the rising Tyranny ....we're going to take back our country!

12.07 On Trump Raid - entire world was watching and they were shocked Q - Shock

13.08 handpicked magistrate (Reinhart) 13.26 3rd world nation 13.41 Deep and ugly search of 16 y/o son

13.58 FBI and DOJ have become vicious monsters...and they tell the media...what to do

14.24 They are trying to silence me (MAGA)...but we will not be silenced

17.57 backlash, the likes that no one has ever seen before President Trump's Closing Remarks - Listen carefully to the thunder and the music played in the background. This music was made for the Q movement and used in many of President Trump's short video clips posted. In my humble opinion, President Trump feels the weight of the world and he truly needs for us to carry the America First MAGA candidates through the finish line in 2 months or whenever there is a special election! He is the only billionaire that I know of in my lifetime that understands the hearts of the everyday person! He knows we have been abused, enslaved and programmed! He can't make moves until he has all his plans lined up for every single strategy! Every single move! He cannot let the evil people of the world even know his plans!

Most popular people think we are Conspiracy Theorists and that we make things up...but we are far from that...we are strategic fighters. We know President Trump is still our President, but the evil people don't and instead they laugh and mock us. Wait until they find out!

We knew we would face back lash, and yet many are tired. Let's help pick one another up and life each other up and out of the rut the dirty evil world wants us to be in and keep us full of light. Even if you need to take a break, please do so, but do come back!!! We will need every one of us to help push what President Trump and the White Hats have fought so hard to accomplish, yet they need us to help complete this!! Soon the bad people, haters, criminal organizations / agencies will face their backlash!

We are watching History in the making and can only do this with God by our side and with you doing God's work!!!


Keep your Faith in God!!!





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