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Bank of England falling! More CNN layoffs! Trump wants to negotiate peace!

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While anchoring financial news, these reporters were getting Breaking News about the Bank in England. The Bank in England is falling!

More Financial News:

Amazon isn't hiring...instead they want call center employees to work at home!

CNN has more layoffs!!!

Then Bumbling Houseplant Biden says this about the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that even President Trump is concerned that this idiot faux resident Houseplant is threatening or hinting towards something. Does Biden want to start a war?

President Trump has had enough! He is certainly hinting to negotiate a peace deal!

Then former British Ambassador Craig Murray tweeted this:

We know President Trump and President Putin have developed their own peace agreement!

And remember this news about Ukraine becoming a part of Russia!

So if we are sending Billions of dollars to Ukraine and it is secretly aligned with Russia, and Putin is playing a huge part in taking down the dirty crooked cabal and exposing America's dark dirty secrets, then is the money actually going into the Trumpsara / GESARA coffers?

And if the Nord Stream pipeline was "blown up", then is it to bypass transit fees and Western Europe is receiving gas from Russia? Are you seeing the bigger 40,000' picture?

Remember, President Trump via his Il Donaldo account, has already posted / hinted 3 times that he is King. Is he telling us that he is King of the World?

Kash Patel has a children's book named "The Plot against the King"

If President Trump is the King of the World, then we know his moves and counter moves are extraordinary and not ordinary at all!! Dan Scavino shared this post 3 days ago:

Remember, when Surfers, Patriots and Anons gets re-truthed, shout outs, validations from President Trump, we know the media will do what they can to make efforts to take away our joy and celebration! We won't let them get to us!!!

We have learned to make the most of any given situation!


Keep your Faith in God!!!





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