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Banks Collapsing! Media hiding SEC filings! Banks selling 424b2 aka lipstick on a pig?


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Silicon Valley Bank customers got a bail out. All their monies will be returned to the depositors. But this does not mean that the bank will continue to operate, for it is now closed. Unlike the 2008 bailout, where the banks were given money for their crimes of the MBS scandal and then the executives received fat bonuses! Signature Bank collapsed!

First Republic on the verge of collapse, until the feds gave them a helping hand by halting the markets today. Those investors holding positions in one of the bank stocks could not sell their positions several times throughout the day.

9:41 AM

10:07 AM

10:07 AM

TRADES HALTED 10:24 - 10:31 AM




424b2 FILING

MS BAC JPM GS WFC and more filed 424b2. This Reddit thread explains it in simple terms.


What happened to the money these banks made from loans and credit cards with interest rates? The increase of interest rates had the big banks salivating. This article even touts the increase interest rates as a key source of revenue. So if that is the case, then why did SVB and other banks have to use depositor money to make investments? Investopedia states the money belongs to the bank when it is deposited into an account.

In my very humble opinion, this 424b2 Structured Asset product is another ponzi scheme, much like the MBS scheme back in 2007. The 2006-2007 MBS (Mortgage-Backed Security) scandal was the banks KNOWINGLY packaged a pool of loans that may or may not have made it into those "Trusts" and selling those trusts to investors. The banks packaged these trusts with Subprime (poor credit) loans and top Tier loans (Excellent credit) loans to make it sound attractive! They sold Lipstick on a Pig!! When all of this was exposed, the Trusts were found to be non-existent, or they did not have all the mortgage loans in their Trusts as so stated in their prospectus, they deceived homeowners into defaulting on their loans, and foreclosed on properties, leaving the hard-working people homeless or stripped of their rights! These banks used fraudulent Assignments with Robo-signers to make it appear they actually owned the loan, but they didn't. They fought the working-class people to steal their homes from them and in most cases, won! How dare these banks push, buy the dip to a very struggling consumer?

Or is it that the corrupt institutions are paying millions in legal fees for their own crimes and not telling the depositor about this?

Here is a classic, JPM has to expose Jamie Dimon for his ties to Epstein!

Will we soon see this?

Are we finally seeing the end game for these dirty wall street corporations that wouldn't know how to grow a business without committing crimes along the way? The Bigger picture is, how deep was the child trafficking ring? How could these banks overlook their own KYC (Know your Client) process? How could they turn a blind eye to an Epstein type of operation and allow the children to get kidnapped, raped, killed and not care for any kind of humanity? How deep were these banks involved? They certainly allowed to launder the money for their criminal buddies and always got away with a hand slap and settlement (no jail time). Yet is it different now? President Trump had a speech in Iowa today and made incredible remarks to protect the children in every way...from education to criminal activity!

Notice that President Trump's hair is SILVER....what happened to Silver today:

The take down of corrupt government agencies, education system, Federal Reserve, IRS, corrupt politicians, corrupt people, corrupt Wall Street, etc. has to happen before President Trump will roll out his Greatness!

President Trump has promised us a level playing field and he means it. Think of this, when the Fall of Wall Street is at full speed, the wealthy have to think of ways to liquidate case, so will they sell off their investment properties for a song, this would affect the housing market nationwide and offer opportunties for home ownership. The beauty of NESARA on its way is to see the homelessness eventually come to an end. To see poverty end. To see Veterans get the proper treatment they so deserve and quickly. To see hard-working people begin to thrive. To whistle while you work!

To experience God's Jubilee! To experience happiness in every facet of life and living!


Trump is our Retribution! God is our SALVATION and Answer!!!

A very beautiful song by Stephani Rabus - daughter of a Surfer Patriot!!!





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