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Banned reporter's meltdown! Market loses nearly $1T in 1 day! NESARA in play! Biblical!

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Fake news has been so involved in creating division, dissent and spinning stories and not reporting all the good President Trump and the WH military have been doing to save humanity and the peace agreements to include Abrams Accord! Fake news never contributed to a peaceful world.

Reporters and dirty politicians have done so much evil to hurt humanity! Now some are suspended from Twitter and they can't take the heat!

One secretly went onto Twitter Spaces (group phone call) to whine about being suspended.

Reporters doxxed Elon and his safety and the safety of his family was at stake! It's interesting that when President Trump and the millions of Trump supporters that got suspended in 2021, they never talked about anti-censorship! Now that it is happening to them, they are whining about it! Their evilness has to end in order to roll out the Greatness! Q even mentions the fake news media is the enemy of the people!

Jack's Twitter allowed horrid crimes and banned people for sharing the truth. Now Jack may have to (publicly) face his fate:

POWER BACK TO YOU - THE PEOPLE Was announced on President Trump's public inauguration on January 20, 2017:

This power is what is Constitutional! Our dirty government has siphoned our tax dollars to fund their own criminal enterprises and aid other countries, which is violating their oath and considered treason! They all have to go down! NEW CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT A Government that stands by the Constitution is on its way!

117th Congress postponed a shutdown for a week.


This would mean that the old system has to implode!

Crypto is falling apart!

GOLD AND SILVER Are we getting close to rolling in our constitutional form of payment of goods? Constitution Article 1 Section 10:

Yet, we have been at the mercy of the evil federal reserve and central banks that stole our opportunities to use gold and silver as payment and they replaced it with interest on loans using man manipulated fiat dollars. With the recent interest rate hike, it is nearly impossible to get ahead!

And this Quantum Bill was passed in 2018:

We have our Superhero Sherriff at the helm (behind the scenes). Looks like public action happened immediately after his Big Announcement on December 15, 2022:

What else will happen in the coming days, leading into January 3, 2023, when 118th Congress is sworn in?


Trump's former Attorney, Christina Bobb reports:

Of course these politicians don't want SBF to testify at Congress, because he could expose all of them! Like President Trump mentioned in many of his rallies, that Zuck donated $417M to the Clinton campaign and stated that is illegal! Fake news Reporters are in on the world's scandal and scams! They are now having a complete meltdown!

You have been fighting for years to help Make the World Great Again!!! Along side President Trump, you have not stopped or waivered!



Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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