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BASEL III / Billionaires Bust / SilverSqueeze

Updated: Aug 3, 2021




The banks stress test showed the banks continue to have strong capital levels and could continue lending...

Oh but wait...the implementation of BASEL III has been effective in the USA since 2011 . One category that was NOT included is accounting for precious metals. Guess what else happens with a stress test, the team gets to look into their books. Pretty sure Dweeb Dimon was hob nobbing with the teams to divert their attention.

Now that we have learned that President Trump owns the Federal Reserve, what did he just do? Did he just set another trap?

Since JPM is the custodian for physical Silver, did he just get the Federal Reserve to make a huge announcement that the banks have passed a stress test and the crooked Big Banks had a sigh of relief. But did that just open the floodgates to...well your capital is strong so now let's make sure you have all the precious metals accounted for as so stated in your balance sheets! Are the big bankster weeping right now? Because they have deceived...their clients, the markets, their own stock manipulation to enrich themselves...and their Fed buddies used to play ball with them.

Is this now all backfiring on them? Are they feeling the boomerang?

Then we are seeing some crazy things happening with Billionaires. The "great and powerful oz" behind the curtain is nothing more than a crooked dweeb that robbed people from their homes, lives, finances, freedom and that enslaved us while they conduct their criminal activities! They are useless, pointless and worthless. The only way a dweeb like Dimon makes money is through manipulation, criminal activities, criminal money laundering and stock buy backs!

It sure looks like their gravy train is ending!


So let's look at other Billionaires that are making crazy moves and want to go to Mars:



With President Trump's greatness plan, there is no cabal that will control others. Jamie Dimon may very well be getting his finances in order for all the horrible things he has done and lives he has ruined. With the SilverSqueeze that is next up, you know this will expose that dweeb Dimon and he will want to go to Mars as well!

EMPTYVAULTGATE will devastate the big banks and dealers that claim to have physical gold and silver in their vaults...when they don't!

Yes, there will still be crooks, but they will not be well financed ones. Not like the Soros, Rothchild, etc. It sure looks like they have all faced their fate.

Suddenly, Mr Pool's posts are becoming more real!

And suddenly President Trump's Hair Comm was more than a Silver Comm....I also see it as a Silver Lining Comm!!! Thank you President Trump, Mr Pool and your fantastic teams!



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Opinion piece.

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