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Biden funded Israel attack! Trump's messages! Speaker vote incoming!


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Biden blamed for Israel Attack. Why?

Last month, Joe, the bumbling idiot fake president, made a hostage exchange deal. Iran wanted 5 hostages released for 5 Americans wrongfully detained in Iran. The idiot that spends taxpayer money also offered to give Iran $6B! Six Billion Dollars!!! Weeks later, Israel is under attack and there is a war.

October 4 Q Delta: Israeli intelligence - stand down.


Media assets will be removed.


Interesting timing for this horrible attack on Israel...just days before the vote for a new speaker of the House to replace McCarthy! Mums the word on the actual day of the vote. Will the new Speaker take Quick and Swift action? Will the new Speaker take swift action to take down the evil Biden regime and just impeach him the constitutional way (not inquiry or trial, just impeachment)? President Trump's New Hampshire speech was filled with subtle yet powerful messages and comms:

Trump knew!

Be careful...stay vigilant and frosty! If Trump is talking about Biden going after the lives of Americans, then we need to stay alert and aware!

This is Trump's final battle! Q posted "Saving Israel for last". IMHO, it could take weeks or months to resolve. Yet, it appears to be the final chapter.

There may still be many moving parts and twists and turns, but we need to stand in full belief that God has got this!

We were on a winning path and we also know how the bad people play, they play dirty and try to take away any joy! We need to pray more than ever and trust in God!

Remember, we have to stay alert and be ready!



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