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Biden Impeachment was filed in 2021! Schiff / Omar wants Joe investigated! You are saving lives!

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TWITTER FILES LINK - January 3, 2023 - The FBI Belly Button TWITTER FILES LINK - January 9, 2023 - How Scott Gottlieb MD - a top Pfizer board member - used the same Twitter lobbyist as the White House to suppress debate on Covid vaccines, INCLUDING FROM A FELLOW HEAD OF FDA! TWITTER FILES LINK - January 12, 2023 - LIES ABOUT RUSSIAGATE TITTER FILES LINK - January 16, 2023 - How the pharmaceutical industry lobbied social media to shape content around vaccine policy.


118th Congress returns Monday Jan 23, 2023. Be careful about fake news headlines that is trying to divide MAGA. This is their last year to push their agenda and it looks like Meme Headlines are popping up to steer us away from social media and doubt the real news when it comes out! The fake news media is already starting a narrative that the Twitter Files are unreliable. That Joe Biden didn't commit a crime! Sounds familiar?

Do they know their fate is imminent? digs are incredible! Are the White hats slowly releasing information like this one?

So we know if they have documents like this, prior to SpaceForce, then the White Hats and SpaceForce have everything on everyone!

If we are seeing a hidden document from 1945, don't you think President Trump and the White Hats will reveal so much more?? Remember, Impeachment was already filed on Joe and is still active!

Remember late last year, Joe talked about getting impeached!

Now Schiff and Omar wants Joe investigated. Check out this clip (I know many don't want to hear Schiff speak), but this seems pretty Big:

Interesting that Schiff talks about a storm in the middle of talking about a completely different topic! I ask and, you decide, are the democrats turning on Joe? Fake news is trying to spin but they have nothing left to spin! Will the Dems in the Senate turn their backs on Joe? How fearful are the dirty members of Congress right now knowing Jim Jordan is leading investigations under the Church Committee:

Thursday we will learn the fate of the government. With the fight to balance a budget or raise the debt ceiling. Raising the debt ceiling was common in the pelosi led Congress because a) Congress didn't want to work; 2) they knew they had cash available when needed by a simple phone call to the Federal Reserve that printed money like it was a newspaper headline; 3) Dirty Congress knew when they waited for the last minute, they could toss in new amendments or funding stupid things (non-America First) in a desperate effort to keep the government open.

Now we are witnessing the fall of the dirtiest controlled government ever! Will the DOJ / FBI complete their investigations? Why the unfairness? Are they implicated in the classified documents found in Joe's garage or the Penn Biden building?


We are all tired and God has His rewards for you, if not on earth, definitely in Heaven! You have fought the bad guys constantly. Some are sharing older information because there must be thousands of people that have jumped onto the Truth Train and don't ever want to go back!

YOUR Love and Willingness to help others that helped saved lives and helped some to overcome troubling past lives. You please God every day you have Faith, Joy and Love to help others!!!



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