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Biden's evil plot! He doesn't care about Americans or humanity! Dems regret!



CCR / Op-Med was cancelled! Cancellation was approved and signed by Biden and his lame administration!

Americans are begging for a way to get out! Biden did not work out an exit and evacuation plan for the 10-15k Americans in Afghanistan! He never worked out the logistics with world leaders. He doesn't care for humanity or the innocent lives of people. He just yanked out the military and never coordinated the work with the Afghanistan Military.

He gives a presser then WALKS AWAY! That 19 minute presser alone cost taxpayers $30k.

It's bad enough that he is driving America into a third world country and he doesn't care at all. High prices on most everything, average wages, mediocre unemployment, horrid deficits, and the push for tyranny, mandates and other dictator type things!

World leaders are mad at him! The people are mad. The American liberals that still support him are basement dwellers with no sense of responsibility!

President and Melania Trump went to the airport to wait for 3 hostages that were released from North Korea. Biden has thousands of American stranded in one of the violent and impoverished countries on the planet and he can't even wait 20 minutes to finish a presser. Milley and the other Generals that are active in this war are oblivious! One spends more time posting stupid dumb things on Twitter rather than helping to save the American people and humanity! Milley is more interested in the new color of nail polish to get for his mani-pedi! They are the worst and so lame!

Is this a crime against humanity? Did Joe just violate the Geneva Convention? What significant laws did Joe violate by approving this?

Are you seeing the bigger picture?

The media is recycling photos of the past:

Now let's look at this entire mess from a 40,000 foot level:

The people in Afghanistan have been living one notch above the stone age. The country is so poor and they don't know what it is like to have a luxury item such as an ice cream cone, or a decent meal for their children. They live in opioid capital of the world and with that, they are run by some of the worst people on the planet.

They are at the mercy of those running those drug rings and their corrupt government. Sound familiar? And their cabal run central bank has only been around for 2 decades, so you can only imagine how poor that country got in these past 2 decades!

And who is helping these corrupt terrorists? We know loser Barry released the mastermind of this Taliban takeover!

A terrorist leadership needs money and resources to regain power, but what happens if that is not available? It would be challenging!

If the majority of the funds and gold is held by the Federal Reserve in NY, who really has control over those monies? Treasury is in control of the Federal Reserve and I'm pretty sure it isn't the Yellen-head!

So how can the good people of Afghanistan get free completely? Do you see the movie plot?



Focus on the Audits! Accounts are getting terminated and suspended quickly!

Big Daddy Kahuna got is his new account @moogstratomastr.

And of course, Sammy and I got one channel terminated...interesting how YT is lurking my account to post a reply.

Got to find a lil humor with suspensions!

Mr Pool did post 3...2...1 on 8/16/2021


Then a new friend reached out to me and shared this video (this is just a clip)...who dat??



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Opinion piece.

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his name is Steve..sorry i forgot his last name but he also writes newsletters and other good stuff to read..

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Santa..there is Roxytube and Roxycast both are for free speech please join then you can down load your videos on Roxy tube and your stuff can go on Rocycast..ill see you there..remember its all about Free speech and freedom there on roxy and both is owned by 1 man.. he is awesome.. hes like us ...

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President Trump will be back in the white house August 22nd and Biden will be out and he will be arrested and so will Kamel toes Harris.. Trump set up biden with the Aganistan problem, see Biden cant handle his position .. The Military will do some thing with those two idiots..and Cuomo got arrested and he had to resign.. so Trump is comingback and his plans will continue to make America great again..also Trudeau the treasonous pig set up Election early..September 20th.. i think hes shaking in his boots , we allwant him out and he knows Trump will be back in to have him arrested.. YEAHHHHH... Trump has him under house arrest..the clone aint doing very well e…

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well its okay to be skeptical ,just have patience ,he will be back and he will fix Biden for good.... most of the states have overturned election we all know Trump won so lets just watch the movie

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Rebecca Ryan
Rebecca Ryan
19 ago 2021

Please use caution with P-6 videos. Pro-Barry, Creepy, VP. Debunks videos patriots have proven to be true.

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