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Biden says he'll get impeached! Pelosi Arrested! Are some Twitter peeps CIA?



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Pelosi is escorted out with the same Federal Marshals with her (on inauguration day), January 20, 2021. In this clip below, her hands are behind her back and the two female Marshalls are holding her arms. Remember, we haven't seen raw footage of her at her SF home since inauguration day.

Remember, she was under Federal Marshall custody on January 20, 2021.

Remember when Senator Roy Blunt was arrested on that same day.



Twitter Peeps - get fired by email! 3700 Went Buh Bye!

Liberal Ben Collins is freaking out:

EBH.Com shared this:

We know CIA created Facebook / Meta. FBI gave commands to FB telling FB to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop stories before the 2020 election. Yet, with all the FB suspensions from truthers, who else was controlling FB?? News like this sure didn't make the airwaves:






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