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Big Techs Subpoenaed! GA Grand Jury exonerates Trump! April Showers?

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What other disasters will the deep state do? EMP? False Flags? Who are terrorists? Those committing domestic terrorists acts? Members of Congress? Our government? The fake news media? Big Tech?

Remember, the GITMO has expanded to hold trials in their second courtroom and these "terrorists" would be waiting in their cell for a trial date:

They are afraid!

But for many of the democrats and the left, they still think Joe is in charge, but we know he is not. Joe has a plethora of crimes on his resume and the left is not even talking about them, nor are they seeking justice on Joe! So what message did President Trump send earlier this year, that makes the bad guys fearful? The bad guys know that with Trump taking back leadership, they have NO WAY OUT! TRUMP DIRECT MESSAGE ON JAN 28, 2023 President Trump had 2 speeches on January 28, 2023 and sent a direct message to the world! This was posted on Twitter and well...the fake MAGA's / trolls went crazy mad and of course the typical name calling, and slander was posted! However, when I checked to see if they replied to fake news of any of their reporting...Nothing...NADA...Zip! Hypocrites! You decide.

Trump is using the left's own tactics against them, if the left continues to push for ballot harvesting!

On January 28, 2023 in South Carolina, President Trump did talk about the level of high spirits and referenced 2020 and 2016!! Why would he reference those elections?

The patriot news sites are reporting arrests for Human trafficking.

Special Grand Jury in GA did exonerate President Trump completely. Fake news hasn't updated their headlines on this!

Then President Trump finally posted the Brunson case:

Conference Set Date Feb 17, 2023 The 2nd Brunson case is still in play and a 3rd one on the sidelines.





Previously reported about the FDIC Secret Meeting discussing they do not have enough money to pay back bank deposits:


SWAMP PLAYS DIRTY! Trains derailing. Chemicals in the water at East Palestine. Their dirty plots are coming out now! How far will they go? As President Trump prepares a comeback, you know the dirty Swamp will throw the dirtiest tactics our way. FREEDOM ISN'T FREE Many are tired. Many are just down right nasty about saying nothing is happening. Think of this, if they walk in this world saying that...guess what...that is all they see.

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