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Blinken - Powell - Bidens - Banks! Lions Den never stopped Trump and us! God is paving the way!


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Some Headlines:

Jerome Powell probably didn't have his coffee before making this announcement. 😳

Then Charlie Gasparino has to use slang term to describe the banking situation!

"We're in deep Doo Doo" 😆😆😂🤪 Then, you know it's bad! 😳

When more states enact their bills to reclaim Gold and Silver as legal tender:

In my opinion... There is no need for printing fiat dollars! Those printers are no longer in business, this is one of the reasons the banks are failing! They don't have that easy access to cash. They made lousy investments, couldn't balance a balance sheet, hoarded consumers to take out loans or apply for credit cards to collect interest....and now it is all catching up with them!

Things are definitely looking closer to getting our Constitutional Rights returned!


Hannity reported this yesterday:


When God created us and we grew into an already corrupt world, we didn't have a choice when it came to everything! To purchase a large item, we paid taxes and, in some cases, the corrupt bank charged interest. To work in a job, we were taxed for working a job. To buy a piece of property, we were charged interest and taxed for the property we bought. If we needed a cure or therapeutic, big pharma prevented us from knowing the truth of natural cures. To us, the corruption was our norm. That is not the world God wanted for us. Especially after God destroyed all evilness from the earth back in the days of Noah! God promised to never give us another flood, but what will be the next plan for God? The Return of our Savior and Christ Jesus? Will that be the plan to be removed from all of this evilness? While efforts are made to destroy the evilness, the brainwashing to the general public has worked and in my humblest opinion, these are the very people that truly need to make it right with God! God does forgive, but there is one sin that God claims as unforgiveable and that is Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

You will be rewarded for your Faithfulness!

Let God speak through you while you read His Word, the Bible!

And Let God Bless You...Abundantly!



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