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Bragg ain't bragging right now! QFS Activated!


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This be Alvin Bragg on his way to work today. Thinking he had a grand jury hearing with another witness.

By mid morning...ole Bragg was FREAKING OUT!!!

Grand Jury hearing reconvenes another day!

Even CPL was getting in on the Tweeting action (he must have had recess time from prison).

Bragg in shock!

FBI tried this same garbage using dirty Judge Sullivan, who fought hard as if he was Flynn's opponent, by withholding exculpatory evidence with General Flynn and the exculpatory evidence revealed so much corruption!!!

President Trump was livid because of the scam on General Flynn and called the FBI "human scum":

Oh but there is so much more!

The media was salivating and now they are cowering!


When the money machine goes broke, they try everything to take down the very people that are bringing them down and exposing them! The markets are crashing and as of today...the new Quantum Financial System rolled it. It has been in the beta stage since 2020 and now it's ready to operate officially. It is to make a test run worldwide and then the banks will have their gold backed currency! QFS is the most highly sophisticated system for financial and technological breakthroughs that the dirty crooks at all levels prevented us from ever benefitting! According to Dr. Steven Greer, he claims withholding these breakthroughs are / were considered treason.

These people that destroyed lives and put the majority of the world into poverty, even now in America, the federal reserve wants to increase interest rates to help the central bankers. Who bankrolls all this corruption...the elites! They tried like heck to prevent the rollout of QFS and NESARA / GESARA.


SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THOSE THAT INSPIRE YOU AND TRUST IN GOD AND NOT IN MAN I pray each day knowing GOD will give the answers. I stopped counting on man or waiting for one person to return. God has never left us and He has always been there for us!





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