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Brunson Trumpets! Trump Trap is Genius!



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Brunson v. Adams Case No major media is talking about it! This is a lawsuit that can take down every single dirty politician that did not live up to their oath in office!

Now, we know because of the lack of response from the defendants (388 of them) that this allows the case to move to SCOTUS. The defendants listed in this case have violated their oath of office! The lawsuit outlines treason and fraud. And cites Fraud vitiates everything. So why now? The Brunson Brothers? Brothers that plays trumpets! Trumpets! Now let's dive deeper into the Brunson Brothers!

This clip is dated December 29, 2016: Brunson Brothers

YES!!! Now do you understand the movie plot! The Brunson Brothers story caught the attention of President Elect Trump (at the time of this interview shown above). The Brunson Brothers were so interested in performing at President Trump's inauguration. Imagine President Trump knowing that two of the brothers were attorney's fighting for the constitution!

President Trump and the White Hats have all angles covered, just in case the 117th (current) Congress clones / body doubles try to do something illegal / nefarious / fraudulent before the new Congress is sworn in!

Will this case, or the merits of this case, completely invalidate the 2020 Election?

President Trump has every single basis covered. EO 13848 of Foreign Interference, Media on Voter Suppression, Seizing assets of those involved with Foreign interference and EO 13818 human abuse (because Trump and the White Hats know that this is how the dirty politicians play)! So he covered EVERYTHING and EVERY ANGLE!!! And all the news about President Trump that the media is spinning, will boomerang on each one of them! This is beyond a Trump Card. This is the ultimate Trump Trap!!


Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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