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Brunson v. Sotomayor/Jackson/Kagan! Our Constitutional Rights! Giving God Gratitude!


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Raland Brunson vs. Sotomayor / Jackson / Kagan

The Biggest reason SCOTUS does not want to hear this case is that their bff politicians would get exposed for high crimes and treason! This case sets a precedent! These are a few dirty corrupt people that do nothing to help We the People and or stand by the Constitution!

Past social media headlines:

Fighting for our Constitutional Rights is our God Given Right!

Think for just a moment, one year of living under the Constitution, how our lives would change for the better!

We have been so conditioned by the injustice system that was allowed by dirty politicians that our way of survival is through our job or earnings, because it is always hard to get further ahead!

This is why we fight! To be free from Slavery!

We know the dirty central banks did EVERYTHING they could to take away our constitutional rights to prevent the everyday person from ever getting ahead and thriving in life and living! Some could not even afford to raise a family like we did in the days of our parents. Or some are in so much pain and rely on the dirty big pharma companies to give us a bit of relief, yet knowing or not knowing the side effects. They created a miserable situation for the people of the world!

While we see no end in sight, we see things leading up to justice. Yet our hands are tied.

We know God is in complete control and He wants us to build our Faith in Him each and every day! When you receive any type of blessing...please Thank Him. If it is a smile from a stranger:

Or a card in the mail, or a hug from a loved one:

Or time to hang out with friends on the beach or park:

Is He testing our gratitude and Faith? The more we are Thankful for EVERY situation, the more we are Blessed!





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