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Bushies are done! 2020 MI vote not certified! Epstein Island is trending! Oprah ranch is closed


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Attorney Tony Buzbee (Ken Paxton Atty) said this the day before voting for Paxton's impeachment:

The next Day...Ken Paxton acquitted on all charges!

Body Double Bush family not happy

Why the Big RINO push to get rid of Ken Paxton?

Is it also because of this?

Cartoons were even spelling it out back in 1940:

Remember, Kim and Putin met this week and the news is crickets about this meeting. So you know there are huge things on its way!

What was the real meeting about? McCarthy hasn't signed the Hunter Subpoena!

Oprah in denial! In this tweet she never addresses the ELEPHANT in the room, that she is a child trafficker!

Media trying to cover up but there are holes in their stories!

Let's Fact Check:

This JPM lawsuit about JPM ties to Epstein has been muzzled for months now!

Judge for the JPM Epstein ties case claims JPM is slow walking evidence!

So what does the Media do....they trash people that are sharing the Truth!

Fake News is in spin and desperate mode!

You fight because you want to help humanity and have a purpose to Serve God!



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