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Crying - CNN - Crypto - Congress!



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So using his own words on the Dems....let's change that date to 2020!

Chuck Todd's Meet the Press is done! Moving to streaming service! No more broadcast airwaves on cable for Todd!!!

Remember, Chris Wallace moved to CNN+ Streaming and that didn't even last a month!

Let the Layoffs begin!!!



Please see for more posts on Crypto


Brunson v. Adams Case on SCOTUS Calendar! Major publication, Gateway Pundit is finally reporting about the Brunson v. Adams case!

MauiBell on shared the upcoming SCOTUS date for this case of January 6, 2023.

This clip is dated December 29, 2016 tells us that the Brunson Brothers know President Trump! What an awesome Trump Trap!!! Brunson Brothers


God's got you!!! He truly loves you! He will always have the VERY best for you!


Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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