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Tons of Technical difficulties trying to write and post podcast:

FINANCIAL NEWS UPDATES IN 90 SECONDS BY AMC4ALL: WELP...trying to negotiate with any bumblehead would yield to a zero sum game! He has ZERO and I mean ZERO ZIP NADA form of intelligence to even negotiate anything. Maybe the only thing he can negotiate is how many scoops of ice cream he could have for the day!



What is Warren Buffet afraid of? Peter Falherty calls out Berkshire Hathaway's interest in Gates Foundation. And further states Gates likes children and hangs out with Epstein. Then Falherty gets arrested. Post arrest, Falherty tells Mark Levin that he was charged with criminal trespassing. But wait...Peter Falherty was sitting next the Buffet when giving his speech and Buffet even allowed Falherty more time to speak. So how could he be trespassing? What is weird is that the crowd boo's when Falherty calls out Gates and Epstein. Why would they boo? Shouldn't they be in shock that those pedo ties are real. If these people are investors, wouldn't they be interested in knowing why Berkshire supports a foundation that hurts humanity?

MSM is reporting Trump was lied to about the Covid Vaccine and that Fauci and Pfizer failed to disclose side effects!

James Comer will have a press conference on May 10 at 9AM disclosing the Biden crimes!

Streaming Live on Youtube on this Link. Tomorrow is going to be a bad day for the White House!

President Trump will have a Town Hall on CNN on May 10 as well! Will post link tomorrow.

SoS Says 2020 Election was Stolen!

May 10, 2023 - Title 42 Expires - James Comer Press Conference on Biden Family Crimes

- DOJ/FBI must provide documents to Oversight Committee

- President Trump CHH Town Hall



SALVATION PRAYER - If you'd like to accept Christ into your heart, here is a short video:



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