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Dead cat bounce - Markets! SCOTUS! Anon handoff and special message!


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A dirty wall street miracle happened today, SVB is open for business and markets were rising! Justice Department and SEC are investigating their buddy, SVB! But wait, aren't they buddies? I guess those idiots that sold Structured Assets under their 424b2 weren't so stupid after all....or are we watching more of the deception? The Dead Cat Bounce?

How wall street needed a different narrative so they could sell their positions and manipulate the markets all over again, giving the consumer a false sense of security. March 5, 2023 - Larry McDonald and Maria Bartiromo talked about markets crashing within 60 days:

Based on this talk with Maria and Larry, for every 1% rate hike it costs the American people $50B in loss! Seeing the bigger picture? Federal Reserve are buddies with the banks / central banks and not you! They need you to keep circulating money via your purchases and your taking out loans, using credit cards and hoping you don't pay the balance down! But they will screw you at the same time and they know you can't do a thing about it! The ultimate goal is the end of Fed! Steve Bannon's CPAC speech on August 5, 2022:

META is now laying off 10,000 employees. Bottom line, the every day person still hasn't seen ANY justice! Many are VERY VERY tired. Warriors would sure like to know: What ever happened to the Jan 6 tapes? Or Fauci Lies that killed millions and he is still free in the public eye? Or House's Power of the purse (meaning they opted to not continue funding the FBI)? Trust me, if I weren't podcasting news and current events, I would NOT be watching any of the news. I'd like to have a normal happier life again and hanging out with the surfers in Locals and Truth. This no result news in the public eye is not helping humanity at all. Glenn Beck had an episode where he is so frustrated and he is tried! For all the warriors in this battle, remember we already won the war. A little bit of sun Tzu wisdom:

March 14 Marker:

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THOSE THAT INSPIRE YOU AND TRUST IN GOD AND NOT IN MAN I pray each day knowing GOD will give the answers. I stopped counting on man or waiting for one person to return. God has never left us and He has always been there for us!





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