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Dems and 15 Days? Trump response to "We need you back"! Mr Pool posts! McAfee post! God wins!



The repeated depressing stories on a tiny fraction of what is really happening. Not to sound callous, but we know there are people that are very very concerned about the vaccine, it is understood. But the story is not full and complete.

Remember when President Trump was talking about the unfairness of big pharma, he knew how evil and manipulative they are!

A patent search (Patent # 10,953,072) treatment for hepatitis delta virus that was filed on February 17, 2017 by Eiger BioPharmaceuticals:

Most of Big pharma has created or worked with crooked government alphabet agencies, to create a panic / virus / etc. only to be the ones to come up with a cure!

These evil globalists were only in it for one thing...MONEY, CONTROL and GREED! They don't care about you, your health, your well being. They only care about making a drug, that causes side effects, and then you need drug #2 for it, then you need drug #3 for side effects of drug #2. And how the profits multiply. Do you ever see any of these globalist big pharma ever giving the same treatment to their loved ones?