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Derek talks Trump Inaugurated as CIC! Martial Law! Trump Sues Letitia! Dinner with Trump!



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Trump lawsuit against Peekaboo. President Trump posted the Document:


The Wars have changed from:

To a Digital one:

Where hackers have hacked your personal information and have manipulated us by the dirty government agencies. Every day, people around the world uses some type of technology (that we have learned) to invade our own privacy! Makes me wonder, who actually funds the Spammers? Our enemies are the very people that got "elected"! Q posts often about Military Intelligence! The MI for today is much different that the public available internet. Today, we are in a different type of war and with that the Military new Division, SpaceForce has remarkable power to deal with the Digital War!

Derek Johnson has literally popped out of nowhere in the recent weeks and has been sharing incredible information of what is really happening. This is a very short Video from

Derek talks to Tenner about a Military Occupancy. Digging into the Law of War:

Remember, OAN "accidentally" reported this on January 19, 2021:

But this had to happen (from Derek's Documents):

This certainly explains the razor gates around DC in January 2021!

The version of Martial law is much different than what we imagined. This is much more of what we imagined Martial law to look like, but we aren't who they are monitoring / arresting, it was the dirty government, agencies and politicians! And all of their criminal cronies!

Remember Q275 talks about Banks Control Governments, etc:


This has TRUMPSARA all over it!


Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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