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Deutsche /CS /Evergrande /Bragg case all collapsing! What a Blessing!

Updated: Mar 27, 2023


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BRAGG IN HIS BASEMENT!!! Meme makers were out and made this video of Bragg. This is a precreated message (it is a meme...for now). Pretty sure he wanted to crawl into his basement and just cry!

Alvin Bragg case is collapsing and he's probably looking for some new evidence / witnesses / unicorns / crimes / anyone breathing that would testify in his favor!!!

Deutsche collapsing!!! Worldwide effects!

Then Yellen has a closed FSOC results published.

March 23, 2023, Yellen was questioned by Kennedy about Biden's proposed taxes. Watch how she squirms!

Credit Suisse became a penny stock today!! One month chart shows a 71.86% decline!

Then Evergrande News Broke!!! EGRNF stock is worth less than a half a penny now!

More American Patriot Posts! He warned us last weekend that all of this would happen! The collapse of Evergrande is GINORMOUS!!

Wall Street has been giving it CPR for years now!

More news like this will be the fate of the Big Banks!

But if they are too busy investigating why they got a bag of rocks instead of nickels, then you know the end (for them) is near!

JPM is getting sued for drilling a couple's safety deposit box and selling the contents for a fraction of the value. JPM sent notices (of late payment for safety deposit boxes rented) to an address this couple never had! The couple never received these notices and JPM drilled their safety deposit boxes! This incident happened in 2017 and the couple is now suing JPM. How much more desperate will the banks get?

APES like you that have helped make ALL of this happen! You dug up so much information, facts, held your shares and exposed them! They cried and tried to get you suspended or censored!

One or some APES have even sent bananas to ole Ken Griffin in commemoration of WE ARE HODLING!!!

With the downfall of Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank...the ripple effects will be worldwide! The Revolution is already happening in France and the Netherlands!


Western EU countries still fighting for their FREEDOM from Tyranny!!! This is incredible!

America's Revolution started back in 2021 when the election was stolen from America and the dirty three letter agencies were behind the dirty tactics to shoot rubber bullets, grenades and use tear grass to unarmed civilians! We will never forget, so is the Revolution defunding the three letter alpha-agencies? Another Video emerged about undercover DC Police. They came equipped with snorkel masks!

This will be massive! Everything is collapsing before our eyes and they can't do anything because we are witnessing exactly how broke they really are!

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SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THOSE THAT INSPIRE YOU AND TRUST IN GOD AND NOT IN MAN I pray each day knowing GOD will give the answers. I stopped counting on man or waiting for one person to return. God has never left us and He has always been there for us!





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