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Dimon...Blinken...Wray...Hunter...Joe! No late night...YAY! God wants us joyful!


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President Trump in Scotland. Liberal Media is having a meltdown about what Trump says, but was there another message to this?

Dimon deposition starts May 26, 2023. Two choices Dimon...tell the truth and justice is served....tell a lie and get caught, you go down for perjury!

On Blinken News....ticky tocky! He has until tomorrow to get those documents to Comer!

Chris Wray got subpoenaed!


Now I know many are frustrated because we are seeing so many things leading to justice, and yet the results have been so disappointing (publicly). May I suggest to go to

Or inspirational places like: is a place where Surfer Patriots unite and we have opted to be joyful during these times. We may not have any engagement on popular social media sites and need to connect with those that can help give insight, answers, information and mostly inspiration!

We can't make citizen's arrests, we can't do anything more than we have already done, but we can stay joyful within our hearts! Many just need to see that one reward...that one piece of justice, that one piece of actual NESARA goodness happening publicly, but do know, the justice system today isn't about protecting laws or the Constitution, it is protecting the dirty justice system and everything / everyone involved. The media doesn't want you joyful, the want you miserable and angry. And yes, this movie plot is playing out a lot differently than we expected. Some of us read comms, but still no public news of the actual end result.

I find interesting is that while many are frustrated, you still fight for the one thing that matters the most in Family, Life and Living....and that is bringing God back into our lives, schools, churches, everything we do! That in itself is the ultimate justice we'd all love to see. We'd love to see the end of the Woke world and back to the world we once with God in our lives!

Living that simple life filled with God and Faith and Freedom!

Having the freedom we never experienced!

And bringing back those simple childhood moments that you can still see vividly!

Many of us lost contct with our loved ones and the Bible even talks about this! Matthew 19:28-29:

And reminding ourselves of the life of having family moments together and a friendly holiday meal beginning with prayer!

And having that family time together without any devices. Only love and laughter! Oh how many of us pray for having holiday dinners with our family to return back in our lives! Yet, in the meantime, why not ask God to give you that family that you found on social media or in real life and be loving and silly together! Raising the vibrations for your own soul!

And know that God does keep ALL His promises!!! And His timing to Bless you is according to His time. He knows what is best for you. And He wants to test your faith.

God sure does love YOU!!!

If you showed your love to Him by having that child-like faith and spirit, imagine God smiling on you!!!


SALVATION PRAYER - If you'd like to accept Christ into your heart, here is a short video:



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