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DOJ Election Interference Scheme to take down Trump! Wolves! God will overcome!


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Jim Trusty, President Trump's attorney, says Trump is summoned and not indicted. He further talks about the DOJ citing the Espionage Act, which is "ludicrous"!

Election Interference at the Highest Level! Josh Hawley explains:

DOJ doing all they can to prevent their demise...GITMO! So they are targeting President Trump and trumping up fake charges. Remember, Alvin Bragg trumped up fake charges on events that occurred AFTER Trump removed himself from all his 400+ entities and Bragg claims bookkeeping records alleging they were for payouts. That was and still is not the case and Trump isn't liable at all because he was not a part of any of those entities nor did he ever pay out any bribe money, as Bragg so claims!

Now we have Merrick Garland who is desperately doing all he can to avoid GITMO and possibly the death penalty!

Merrick Garland recent Impeachment filing What the DOJ and Media aren't talking about is the Presidential Records Act:

Now this is something to consider about Justice Clarence Thomas assigned to the Eleventh Circuit Court! What if....

Isn't the timing so interesting that this Trump summons happens just hours after FBI Chris Wray delivers the FD-1023 Document exposing Biden with Treasonous crimes!

Biden doesn't care and avoids answering a direct question from reporters. This one is addressing Biden for selling out our country and Biden's response is "where's the money? I'm joking...that's a bunch of malarkey"

It baffling that liberals are still supporting this Treasonous horrible person that has no care for humanity, only the almighty dollar and greed! Liberal Media talking about a version of Election Interference! Many do not like hearing Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell, but they are talking about the dirtiest DOJ Scheme to prevent President Trump from ever running again!

Chuck Callesto just posted this bombshell! This is from a reporter in China talking about specific events to take down Trump. This report is from November 14, 2021.

If this is the case, would EO 13848 apply?


President Trump statement:

President Trump posted his Campaign Ad Video - Wolves! The leftist media are freaking out over it, yet it sends a powerful message! Trump posted it as a 35 second video, yet the full version is 60 seconds:


President Trump via Il Donaldo posted this strong message:


SALVATION PRAYER - If you'd like to accept Christ into your heart, here is a short video:



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