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DTCC-2021-005!! AMC Proxy vote! Elon tweets Sequel! DOJ trying to block AZ Audit results!





AMC - Your Vote Matters:

Many shareholders received their Proxy Vote in their emails today! Answer the questions and submit your vote.

Interesting the timing of these Proxy Votes and DTCC-2021-005 regulation.

DTCC-2021-005 is back!

In short, it regulates how many ACTUAL Shares are in the system. Meaning the Naked shorting is monitored...meaning...Hedgies are screwed! No more fabricating synthetic shares or going to your local Crooked Brokers R Us to get them. BUT WAIT...

So if an Executive for Citadel sits on the board for DTCC, how will we know the DTCC will enforce their regulations? Or is this a way to expose Citadel and a sting operation?

Elon Musk did tweet about AMC and is the Sequel the Squeeze?

Think about this...if Citadel Executive sits on the Board for DTCC and he finds the banana receiving hedge fund has been doing tons of naked short selling shenanigans, will he report it or will he ignore it and risk getting exposed? Either way...he doesn't win! Oh that is the sweet smell of victory! Impose newer regulations. Notice how many moves recently by the IRS, SEC and now DTCC have taken the dirty Wall Street and Billionaires by surprise.

Oh the White Hats sure set some smart traps!

AMC today:

Okay, we first started talking about AMC when it was hovering around $8-9, then dove to $6-ish. Then up to $12 and shortly after that to $60.

The longer the APES hold the stronger position the will be in when the regulators begin to take action or non-action (meaning they can no longer aide dirty Wall Street).

What is happening with Silver and Gold today?

Silver / Gold today:

Then look at the indices at the exact same time of all the charts above:

None of this is making any sense in the typical financial analyst world....but I see it in the Anon / APE world as a big sign of helping Main Street to get in the game!!

Yep...can you hear their train...that is about to wreck? Their own self created train wreck!

Oh yes...Sammy's kids are Even Celebrating!!! Link to Sammy's Kids


DOJ is threatening to halt the final results of the AZ Audit:

What a bunch of losers! Our entire alpha agencies are so corrupt!


IlDonaldo Nuggets:


GEEZ 7 summarized:

Just in case you missed it...

Soon we'll get to hear more of President Trump directly through his rallies! The next one is June 26 in Ohio!

We sure miss our President and First Lady and the entire Trump Administration team!!



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