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EO 13818 Sanctions! 31 Trump's Powerful Statements! "Beach" references!


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President Trump's EO 13818 was extended by Joe til December 21, 2022. This EO applies to anyone that has abused humanity:


This extended EO expired on December 21, 2022. However, what many did not know is that action was taken almost immediately after this EO was initially signed back on December 21, 2017. Trump's Treasury department was quick to sanction those involved in Human Abuse. The media failed to report this big news!

On December 21 we took care of Joe Biden! Wow! President Trump went there!

The Treasury's additional sanctions on Human Abusers:

Steve Mnuchin Report

War Crimes are included - Overthrowing a Government

THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX: If DC is not a state of the union of the Republic America, but controls the Republic America monies, government, agencies, etc. did DC violate the terms of EO 13818?


Wikipedia even cites "QAnon":

USA Inc. - Cornell University defines United States as a "Federal Corporation". EO 13818 clearly states violaters / abusers as a person / person or entity!

USA Inc. that already bankrupt, but still operating, mandated the death vaccines; enslaved us to their financial system; allowed products that are harmful to our health, in food products or even cleaning products, etc. Isn't this Human Abuse crimes? With DC acts to overthrow President Trump during his presidency in the public eye and overthrow the will of the people; did that dirty FBI, CIA and other agencies violate EO 13818? Did DC get sanctioned as well yet it not made public? With Jack Smith's efforts to attempt to imprison him, efforts to indict him, are all these acts a part of human abuse crimes? Did Jack Smith, Merrick Garland, James Comey and his gang of FBI losers violate this EO 13818?

Why did Mark Meadows and at least 4 other individuals want to move Trump's GA case to a Federal Court? Why are the Judges in all court systems wearing black? Do most really work for as Men in Black (Clown agencies)?

With Congress of 1993, that voted on the Apology Resolution, they all acknowledged Hawai'i was stolen. It's Kingdom and land. They overthrew Hawaii by Acts of War. What sanctions will those members of Congress get? Joe Biden was a member of Congress when this Resolution became law. Did he get sanctioned?

Foreign leaders and entities were sanctioned for their human abuse crimes. Did USA Inc get sanctioned into bankruptcy? Did USA Inc. overthrow Republic America? Therefore, if in 1993, Congress signed a Resolution Apology into law, then isn't that acknowledging and making an admission that Hawai'i was not ever supposed to be a state of the union (of the USA Inc.) and even if Obama claims that he was born in the Hawai'i, he, in essence was not born in a legal state of the union. (We all know he was born in Kenya but many people will not believe it), then he was not ever qualified to be president of USA Inc. This is Obama admitting he was born in Kenya:

We are a Constitutional Republic!

President Trump made 31 separate powerful and blunt statements on August 30, 2023.


President Trump has referenced "Beach" several times lately. Is he referring to many are at GITMO and or is he referring to eyes on Hawaii.

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