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Evergrande not so grand! What this means to you! Investing in God is the only Answer!

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The liberal spin is that one cannot sue for illegal search. However, this is about Border Patrol and their acts of a bed and breakfast place called Smuggler's Inn. In my humble opinion and strictly my opinion, this SCOTUS Opinion allows Border Patrol Agents to search a suspect that may house illegal immigrants.

Illegal immigrants have spike child, sex and drug trafficking and even Nancy Pelosi worked out deals with Mexico's president and drug king pin El Chapo to allow this to continue.

Nancy Pelosi, Mexico President Nieto, Drug Lord El Chapo, and Beto O'rourke

El Chapo did get sentenced to life in prison.

So is the SCOTUS Opinion about the future of the Border Patrol agents ability to get their job done?

Will it protect the American people from illegal immigrant's operations and efforts to prevent child, sex, weapons and drug trafficking into America?

Will this SCOTUS opinion by pass the liberal judges that refuse to sign search warrants to help keep the country safe?

If America had dirty politicians involved with illegal immigrants entering the country, don't you think this may be a way to avoid further acts by dirty politicians?


What happens if this SCOTUS Opinion did not happen, what will America be like if they continued to allow illegal immigrants into America?

Dirty politicians needed the illegals for their votes. They needed to continue cheating to stay in power. Does this SCOTUS Opinion help the People of America?

New SCOTUS Opinion Dates (in yellow):

It is unfortunate that the liberals are resorting to threats to SCOTUS. The liberals care about lawlessness, spewing their agenda while knowing it is bad for humanity and the country, the life of conservatives, and things that are unconstitutional. In my opinion, if this happened to a liberal SCOTUS Justice, there would be anger.


Never Give Up and Never lose Hope and lose Hope in God!

Prayer changes things!!! Thinking Positive and having Faith is the key to a fulfilling life!






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