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Fauci deposed today! No update SCOTUS Brunson v. Adams! Elon New Poll!



Complimentary Notes (2) with each order of Pain Absolve and Body Sculpt (While supplies last).



No updates from SCOTUS website about Brunson v. Adams case if it has been accepted by SCOTUS to be heard. Should this case go to SCOTUS and SCOTUS rules in favor or Brunson, this sets a precedent for justice. The ruling is based on the merits of the case.

Much like Roe v. Wade and their ruling are based on the merits of the case and each state would then have to decide how to proceed.

SCOTUS website or other related SCOTUS update sites are not reporting this case as accepted for filing. Stay tuned.





Spend Time with Laughter and Love

Remember our Military that cannot be with us right now!



Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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