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FBI on Jan 6/ Mr Pool / Flynn comments



FBI and January 6




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The family many of us have today is one that we chose. Many of you found each other because our blood family may have ousted us due to our beliefs, or our research in seeking the truth, or because we are Trump Supporters.

We love and respect one another. We may not always agree with each other and that is okay because we can learn from one another. But the ones that intentionally attack us and hurt others is not how I define family. While we may forgive them, and love them, we may not like how they treat people. This is not a party line issue but a "Defending your brother/sister" and as it states in Proverbs, Guarding your affections.

The trolls that try to attack are pointless. They do the same thing every day. I just ignore them. It's a very sad existence for them. But how many of them are bots to try to bring you down? Bots have zero emotions and can care less about humanity.

But when family begins attacking a fellow friend, and it is intentional, then guarding your affections is so important. It's going to hurt...a lot. It is so important for family that we have selected, to be strong together and to help one another rather than the opposite.

We are entering an phenomenal awakening and when you pray and ask God for direction or how to reach out or how to continue positivity, He will answer. For right now, I believe it is so important for the world to make it right with God in Heaven and to be very strong within. For with the things coming, there is bound to be attacks. Please keep asking God for strength and courage and guard your affections.

In my humble opinion, I believe what the world faced in the past decades, is tyranny and attempts to destroy good, joy, love, happiness is soon coming to an end. They have silenced those trying to share the truth.

I realize many are tired of fighting off trolls and trying to redpill our own blood family. Now let God do His work. Let God use you by having a negative person watch you whistle while you walk; smile with you talk; love when your hurt; give a hug to someone in need. That will be the best red pill you can ever give humanity and they will begin to wonder why you are so joyful within.

Dinesh @DineshDSouza hit this spot on.

While we have been in a constant battle for acceptance with our blood family; or friends; or co-workers or just to get the doubting person to believe you....what the left is masterful about is not talking about the elephant in their own room and he spells it out for them!


What role does God have for you? We are beginning to see the brightness ahead, while all the bad things are getting exposed more and more.

What do we need to be prepared for? The influx of those that despised the truth and truth seekers, to come running into our/your arms? Are you ready? You all know so much of what has happened and what we are going through right now, but are you ready emotionally?

Many of you want a purpose in life...are you ready for your purpose?

Does the cat see the roaring lion? Does the lion see the sweet adorable cat? Do you see both? Doesn't this depict you?? Having both the cat and lion in you?? If a lion or cat is your family, what would you do to help and or defend him/her?

Taking time to pray and to be thankful for everything! Our Lord loves your company!!



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