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FBI Scandal! Trump Huge Comms!!!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

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Dirty FBI gets caught with an admission by Zuckerberg on the Joe Rogan show:

Zuck admits the FBI was involved in suppressing information and distribution of information for the FBI was aware that the Hunter Laptop was surfacing and the FBI needed to keep that laptop hidden from the world just days before the 2020 Election! Let's not forget that Mark Zuckerberg donated over $400M to the DNC and Hillary campaign so I am sure he didn't put up any fight when the FBI told Facebook to suppress the truth!

So the documents are redacted. We knew this would happen for knowing President Trump, he would set up the dirty cops for a potential illegal raid or break in to his home!

Techno_Fog posted more on his blog page. So while we were trying to get information and the court websites were unavailable, President Trump was dropping huge comms via timestamps of his Truth posts: Tying the timestamp of his posts to Q posts tells us the contents that was revealed or contained during the FBI Raid...or the truth that will be revealed! 1. OBAMA NSA Non-Profit agency to work against President Trump

2. President Trump addresses a Rigged system and he may not have a choice but to use the powers of the Presidency and get involved.

3. Syrai/ Iran Deal and U1connection - this is massive for Fake news has been hiding these crimes for years!

4. Confirmation that John Kerry did meet with Zarif of Iran while President Trump was in office! Treason?

5. The gmail and secret communication devices of the Swamp Rats to be revealed! Who else were in on the secret calls? Brennan? Comey?

6. HOSTAGE NO MORE - We are all in this together!


Then President Trump posts a video calling Biden and all the fake news "Criminals".

We will get through this madness!! Pushing America First candidates up through to the finish line of November 8, 2022 is most important!!! President Trump is definitely on offense!


Keep your Faith in God!!!





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