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Fear News galore! 8kun on the Vax! God is in control! Focus and Faith!



Vax vax and more vax. This 1930 cartoon explains EXACTLY what is happening today!

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To control you! This article explains the use of real and fake news! The people behind using us as an experiment and those that work(ed) in these AI farms for some big tech companies, they weren't using it to track our buying habits, they used it to completely manipulate us and instill so much fear!

We are now reading it isn't FDA approved until yesterday. But the process of the approval, in my humble opinion, was wrong! Before administering any of it, they were not FDA approved...again only my opinion.

8Kun had some interesting information about the vax itself.

8kun about the mandates:

Residents of Maui were in front of the Maui Police Department to prevent the mandates for our men and women in Blue. The message sent to the police department is very big, the people stand with our police and law enforcement! Think about the domino affect on this...if there was ever a choice between the police defending the tyranny of the government or defending the people...guess who they will choose!

Interesting because the small county of Maui is making enough noise to force the mayor to hold a Town Hall meeting with the public!! If many other towns did this...what a huge movement this would be!


Here comes the sting:

One has to ask:

1) How many people, CEO's, crooked executives did loser Barry and past president's pardon?

2) Would the acts of genocide fall under the pardon program? If not, did someone find a loophole?

3) How can these big pharma companies get trapped?

4) REPEAT the dirty dem/ RINO playbook process!

5) The inept executives think Joe is really the president, so they go on with their dirty evil depopulation plan...not knowing they are getting stung by the the Generals and Military that work under President Trump!

If these big pharma companies that are so greedy and thrive on the general population dependent on their being sick, and they are now pushing the vaccine...then doesn't this tell you broke is big pharma?? How many of the general population have found your own self healing remedies? How big is the DPA that President Trump used recently on corporations? And what exactly is behind Operation Warp Speed?


Fellow patriots, the media is feeding you with such heartbreaking news that it is pulling on your heartstrings and fear strings! Yes, of course it is very frightening to getting an injection that you do not know what is in it. But what if these corporations that signed on with OWS have failed to live up to their end of the contract, how devastating will it be for them? If Pfizer is one of OWS contractors, and this same company is pushing their vaccine, how much in control do the White Hats have in it? I do not know the answer....but it is so important to dig on this on your own.


They planned this for DECADES!!! Maybe an entire century!

You can hear the cabal say (example only):

"Let's do AI to control the narrative and instill so much fear that they would bow down to us and worship us and be our slaves!! We'll get HRC installed and our plan will roll out beautifully...then we can control the entire world and depopulate those we don't want."

OOPs...President Trump won the 2016 election and the cabal had no back up plan! What you are seeing is throwing spaghetti on the wall! Desperate moves. Last minute moves. Scrambling!!!

Then YOU came along and completely threw the cabal and their media clown puppets into a frenzy!!! You woke up one day and said...the heck with gaming, or whatever you did in your spare time, and told yourself...I want the TRUTH!!!

The White Hats needed these corrupt people and agencies to fall into these traps! The White Hats needed YOU!!! They need your crowd support!!!

Right now, I am hearing more and more people say that you want to do something to make a difference or to get the truth out there...and that is EXACTLY the warrior that God wants in YOU!!


They have to and even now, they are trying everything they can to denounce the Arizona audit. So when then results show that President Trump won the election fair and square, then the left will say...well my favorite liberal reporter said it wasn't legit or whatever they will spew. But by then it is too late.


When we focus on distractions, it will weaken us emotionally. When we wake up and focus on the goal...the goal of knowing the Audit results of President Trump winning the entire election, then the left over deep state will know they have lost entirely!!

When an Army charges, we charge together! We will help those that may not charge as quickly or fast, and we will carry each other to do just that!!!


Set up a Telegram Channel or Video channel and connect with those of like minds. Build your armies! There are many possibilities of making a difference!


Read more positive things and this Telegram account is extremely inspirational!



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Opinion piece.

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Amar Hadziabdic
Amar Hadziabdic
Aug 25, 2021

Maybe, maybe not. I don't care what anyone says, they'll have to inject that shit into my bullet-ridden corpse if they want me to take it that badly.


I love hearing Santa Surfing’s voice, however of late I have been reading the show as an article, I am getting so much more joy out of the reading!

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