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Feds bailout Banks/CB = $29T! London City Dissolved! CNBC talks Financial Treason! Trump Comms!!




Market cap on the top 4 banks is $1.1T. Fintech market cap is $800B and Jamie Dimon is going after Fintech and many are his clients. Wow...that sounds like fear! Well, hello pot...are you trying to meet kettle? What a dufus! He sounds scared.

Did you know the Big Banks quietly got trillions of help from their crooked Federal Reserve buddies. While we thought these big banks got a bailout of $750B...that is not the right amount. According to WallStreetonParade, Big Banks on Wall Street and Central Banks received over $29 trillion dollars! (See slideshow)

Feds never wanted to report this. So if Dirty Dimon's bank has a market cap of 485B and there is no more criminal enterprise money, and they are constantly gouging and fighting against Main Street, then what does that tell you about Dimon and his inept ability to make a profit through honest means? JPM can't show strong balance sheets if his bank never gets another bailout; no covid relief funds; wasn't using JPM ship for cocaine; wasn't laundering money for criminal buddies; manipulating precious metals and gets fined $920M . Without any of this, he is pointless and useless!

Somehow I hear the song "All by myself" in my head! They aren't getting any help and instead, because of their crookedness, they have built an entire Army of Apes to battle against them! Wow talk about a boomerang!

Then let's see what has officially hit the public records...this would be Dirty Dimon and all his cohorts biggest nightmare:

Then I looked at a registrant named The United States of America LTD. How many entities did USA Inc / Ltd have worldwide?

Well no wonder the big banks and Hedge funds are freaking out. Their "Mama" has dissolved!! Gone, buh bye, sayonara! The take down of the Central Bank is so real! This is so huge! Oh but with that, comes their desperate efforts to keep fighting us! But because dirty Wall Street has been so dizzy with their crimes and trying to destroy and bankrupt businesses, this gives them all the more reason to miscalculate things...such as the number of shares outstanding!

AMC came out with their first report filed with the SEC:

This is IMPOSSIBLE!!! And this is why the short sellers are freaking out even more!

Apes are taking down big time Wall Street.

Even Melissa Lee is talking about Naked Shorts now!

Melissa Lee actually talks about naked short selling and committing "Financial Treason":



Then this one was a doozy!



This video clip cannot be played on my broadcast. The talking points are rated R yet they are now making admissions of their public sick acts! The Shame Game continues:

Then Vernon Jones truly had to speak to a reporter as if she was a third grader. Well done Vernon!

One Fall they all fall!

They are self imploding! Cabal, banks, central banks, media, pedos, crooks, etc!

Articles are now coming out that President Trump is right!




Dan Scavino posted: did it again!!! Check this out! We're given shout outs from Dan Scavino and Mike Pompeo fan channels! Look who you're in the midst of...GREATNESS!!!

Keep your faith, for God knows we so desperately need big positive changes. And they are happening right now!!!

Soon we'll see our beautiful First Lady and President Trump back in the White House dancing their version of the Sammy Dance!!!

God Bless you all and have a wonderful, beautiful weekend!!!

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Hi Santa, I received a link to this video - I looked up just the date and year of the video, I know sometimes future proves past in some cases - but in the video Oct 23 2009 was mentioned; this also was the year of Swine Flu, talk of the country being suffocated (masks), and specifically the first year of the Climate Change, and towards the end of the video there's talk about how God gives back 2 fold or 10 fold what was taken from you (money, property etc) NESERA??

Anyhow - thought I'd just put this here in case you decide to check the links.

God bless all - see you when the storm is…


The Fed bailed out the banks 2007 - 2011 in this article




Santa - why are you now constantly using the word "guys"? We love you and your videos but the use of "guys" repeatedly makes the videos seem unprofessional. Just wanted to bring your attention to this.

Replying to

puritanical /pjʊərɪˈtanɪk(ə)l/ Learn to pronounce


  1. having or displaying a very strict or censorious moral attitude towards self-indulgence

In other words stop attacking Santa for who she is. We love her for who she is and we don't need purtanical's like you trying to mess with that.


Did you see where the Federal Reserve's Charter was revoked June 9? The day after the City of London dissolved.

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