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Finance / Binance News! New FTX CEO exposes SBF! Elon's posts! Assange update news!

Finance / Binance News! New FTX CEO exposes SBF! Elon's posts! Assange update news!



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Money laundering!!! Didn't the Big Banks get involved with money laundering in the past? Were they involved with recent crimes of money laundering that will put those CEO's behind bars?

Articles to Binance processing $10B in illegal payments:

MSN Article But wait...SBF assured his Twit peeps that all is okay!!! He knew his scam was a big ponzi scheme, and as of the day FTX was exposed for their fraud, he assures people and Binance are in good hands!

Why is the DOJ and the worm - Gary Gensler, protecting SBF?? Is it because arresting SBF and charging him with fraud and campaign violations? SBF was a huge donor for the democrat party. Is it also because the worm, Gary Gensler, worked as an associate at FTX, formerly worked in the Loser Barry administration and Clinton Campaign and Big Banks (Goldman Sach's)? Is he protecting all of them? ZEROHEDGE Reports:

SBF was supposed to testify to Congress today, but he didn't. New FTX CEO tells Congress "...this [FTX] is an old- fashioned embezzlement scheme..."

So if this is old-fashion embezzlement, why wouldn't the DOJ want to have SBF testify? Is it because we are learning so much about the dirty cop inner workings with social media, HRC, the democrat party and making every single effort to prevent anything that reveals how their interference in an election and in this case, the safety of a person's hard-working dollar invested into fraudulent companies like FTX? Not so Golden - Goldman Sach's is halting its unsecured credit business (that targeted "riskier" borrowers).

Why do I report financial news? Because the criminal's foundation for their horrid crimes is all based on money and greed! When that foundation tumbles, so does their empire! These dirty and formerly well-funded criminals are getting asset seized, lawsuits, sentences, indictments and now it looks like the White Hats are going after the money end of their enterprises! Since dirty Congress and dirty government agencies have used taxpayer dollars to bribe countries, businesses, knowing those entities would fund their campaign, and our tax dollars funds their own lavish lifestyles knowing they would get installed for another term, can now get tracked. Why did dirty USA Inc. send BILLIONS to other countries in cash? Because it is untraceable! Follow the money is something Q has been telling us, but sometimes it is hard to follow the money, when the dirty Federal Reserve was quick to print money with a phone call, putting countries into debt.

When that falls, the new financial world evolves. QFS and Gold/ Silver backed currency evolves. SpaceForce can track all illegal activity.

This old dirty central bank/ Big Bank scandal has to fall flat on its face!


Elon posted some eye-opening posts. Elon's rabbit tweet has gotten tons of liberals crying!

The liberals are so blind that they think the real TRUTH is considered violence, when in fact it is the truth! So sad! In my opinion, they are in complete denial. Wait until the Covid Twitter Files / Truth comes out, they will truly freak out and go past the point of denial.

Elon posted this Monty Python Video Clip to support the Rabbit post:

Q2049 picture posted at 8:15:

Fake News is still silent about the recent Twitter Files.


ZEROHEDGE reports: Julian Assange News update.


Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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