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Flights Grounded/ FBI Boarded/NY lifts mandates! Apes sending bananas to Hedgies! Pool posts!

(Not Actual delivery, but just an idea of delivery to Citadel)



AZ Audit Completed!

NY Mandates are lifted for most things:

Oh got to announce this...but people will still remember he was one of thousands that was behind the scamdemic! Cuomo cannot be the hero for opening up a state that he purposely closed. I still want to know about the nursing home scandal!

NYT April 2021 piece (in part - scroll slideshow below):

Now, scientists are under investigation:


Flights Grounded

Mr Pool Video clip about failed flights:

Comes from this Clip found by @snakeeyes828. Flying machines failures and mishaps:

While flights were grounded, RCJ reported this:

Then more Mr. Pool on Telegram:

A Mr Pool Telegram posts ties to Q933 about CEO of Goldman Sach's resignation (and it was not the CEO's choice). So where did he go? What will happen to other executives at various corporations. What about the Big Banks?

For the QAnons that have followed these crooked executives, you know their fate is inevitable.

Speaking about big corporations, APES are being very generous! They are now sending special gifts to Citadel! From @tiggertom2


President Trump won and the whole world knows it!

Happy Anons and Apes and Silver Stackers!!


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Hi Santa, I am trying to send this to you. Evidence from the Az audit whisle blower who is a friend of mine and working in the AZ audit, This is the evidence from her as she worked in on the floor at the election Nov 3rd <html><head><meta charset="utf-8" /><meta name="referrer" content="origin" /></head><body><script type="text/javascript" nonce="prj0Gcll">document.location.replace("https:\/\/\/trump-ballots-switched-to-biden-testimony_534878.html?fbclid=IwAR3m7T7uAYif3FHRH_sVUgCBxiu0a8WrL0x8oJ1eKMoCqZBexvJI-FcO_n4");</script></body></html> Let me know you got it


I got my Sammy coin yesterday. I think this will be a good reminder of the times we are now living. It will become part of history. What an awesome time to be alive.

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