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FULL PODCAST - Trump's way! Kim Who gets fined! Lehman on steroids! "Good Catch"



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Dan Scavino posted this Great Catch video clip of President Trump catching a hat and sharpie!

Q Posts 1050 (Timestamp posted), Q4254, Q860, Q966

Then this news all broke today and there is still much more!

Here is a good read on the difference between Lehman Brothers and CS DB on the verge of collapse!

Then screaming Cramer is wrong...again!

Remember, many of these so called "analysts" have been working FOR dirty Wall Street and not for Main Street! Cramer was screaming that Lehman was good and days later it went belly up! Cramer on Twitter is getting RATIOED like crazy right now!

Who else got bought...a Millionaire!

That is the big question, if she's a multi-millionaire, then why would she even take this offer? This investigation is ongoing and since she is cooperating, she may sing like a bird!


Us APES have stood together and stood strong! Today we're seeing Silver price increasing!

Because we are seeing this bump in price, does it mean that JPM no longer has a stranglehold on manipulating its price? Silver is the sleeping giant!


This statement is MASSIVE!!!

Fake News is dying a slow death!!! Imagine when they all get sued for their defamation and creating a false narrative to gaslight their viewers?? The fall of Fake News is happening now!

We are watching corrupt worldwide government leaders resign / quit / leave earth; the fall of Wall Street; the fall of the democrat party; the fall of fake news! Soon Big Tech will join in the fall for SCOTUS is arguing Section 230 now!



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