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Get Stocked! Get Ready! Get prepared! Bad Guys push to avoid/delay NESARA!

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

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ALL SANTASURFING LINKS - TWITTER FEED INCLUDED (Twitter returned account, yet it is seriously shadowbanned and people are unable to find or search accounts. This Link will have SantaSurfing Twitter feed on it.


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- Cestui Que Vie Act - Birth Certificate Bonds - State Law Revisions Act of 1948 BANKS Fall of Wall Street

Wells Fargo is a part of the NESARA team now. Quantum Financial System is ready to roll out. It is highly sophisticated and it can read your intentions. This sophisticated system is beyond imagination. Think of the dirty cabal's AI used on you! Dominoes pizza wants to give you the ability to order via your mind. Dirty cabal used AI without even telling us, to control and manipulate your way of thinking and to control your emotions. Now let's use it in reverse, the QFS will use a highly sophisticated technology to read the intent of someone that has plans to help or hurt humanity. If someone has plans to do good, like helping a neighbor in need, or helping a neighborhood, QFS will detect this. Conversely, if someone has bad intentions (i.e. a thug group that wants to buy bats to smash windows), but tries to convince the Quantum Financial Bank they need it for "something else", they will not get the funds to use. Greatness comes to those that have good, spiritual, God loving hearts and souls. New Currency circulating into banks is huge sign of NESARA rolling out! Bad Guys know their fate/ demise and they know the ultimate beautiful rewards for the Good Guys! They have tried to destroy you and your God given freedom. You know they will push to make things VERY hard and ugly. Fake news will be their culprits!

Listening to President Trump's last speech at NH on January 28, 2023, he brought up tons of comms, but the ones that resonated with our current situation are:

April Fools Day - Makes me wonder, what will happen in the month of April and or April Fools Day. Q mentions April Showers quite a bit.

He referenced 64 - Q64:

Feb 14 Markers are massive! We are the closest ever to NESARA / GESARA rolling out. Maybe it has already been active in other countries, and we can't see that news or posts. GET STOCKED! GET CASH! GET READY! President Trump replayed the 2016 Election clips from the Freak News!



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